Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ryan G. ToFG: 1,000 Pt. Wrap-up

So the 1,000 points month is done, and I have to say that I am still enjoying the Ogres.  It has not been too painful keeping up with 500 pts. per month, but I cut it pretty close this time.

Here are my two lions that I am using for my Sabertusks.  These guys proved to work pretty well, but are very fragile.  I like them for the extra drops for the army during the deployment phase.

The Scraplauncher also did rather well.  Its not a game breaker, but is useful for killing off the last bits of chaff, or even going into a combat for some additional support.

For next month and the 1,500 point list I'm adding a Level 2 Butcher, 6 Ironguts, and a Gorger.

Only 4 Ironguts are pictured because the other two had to take a bath to have their paint stripped off them.  This unit will add some major hitting power to my army, but I'm not sure how much I will need it at this point.  We'll see if the points are worth this unit at this time or not.  After my last game with Joe, the spell Crack's Call made me realize I am going to need some magic defense or these game will be very one sided.  A Butcher with a dispel scroll should get the job done for the time being.  The Gorger is just there because I like them.  Its good for artillary hunting, or for that extra flank support.

Ogre Kingdoms have shown themselves to be a very solid army so far, and I'm excited to see how they will perform at higher points levels.

Ryan G

Monday, November 28, 2011

Joe F. ToFG: 1,500 Points December/January

Well, here we are preparing to go into the month of December.  Our 3rd month for the ToFG articles and the increasing of our lists from 1 to 1,500 points.  Due to the heavy load of family events, snow, kids, etc... our current plan is to continue our 1 off games as we can but we will likely be putting off our 3-way game until January.  This will not only give us all time to deal with family during the holidays without having to rush to get something together but it also gives a 4th friend of ours time to get a Warriors of Chaos army up and running.  If he does he wont be joining the ToFG articles but will be joining us during our big games to turn them into 2 on 2 games.

So for my 1,500 point list I have to paint yet another giant chunk of models.  Given Christmas then I'm going to have a little bit of extra time from skipping our 3rd big game for a little extra time.  I've added my Stormvermin unit to the army at this point.  I've split the Giant Rats into small distracting units and added some Weapons Teams and Slaves.

The base list:

Warlock Engineer
-lvl 2
30 Clanrats
-Shields, FC, Warpfire Thrower
30 Slaves
-Shields, Musician
30 Stormvermin
-FC, Shields, Doomflayer
2 Units of Giant Rats
-5 Rats, 1 Packmaster / Per Unit
30 Plague Monks
-FC, Plague Banner
2 Units of Gutter Runners
-Poison, Slings
Warp Lightning Cannon

I haven't added on all the banners or magic items yet, but this is the base list I'll be working with.  A total paint requirement of 33 models.  I got lucky on having already gotten 5 of the Stormvermin done a while back and the other 5 Clanrats for each unit.  Its going to be tough but like I said the little bit of extra time I'll have into January should help.

The Horde Grows...

Joe F. ToFG: 1,000 November 3-way

So for our November 1,000 point 3-way game we got together and decided we would give good ole GW ingenuity a try.  We played the 3 player scenario provided in the back of the full sized big red book.  It turned out to be our mistake.  See I never claimed to be a superb scenario writer, but after a number of issues trying to write our 1st 3-way scenario I thought we'd give this a shot and we found it to be even more unbalanced and messed up than the 1st.  So alas, here sits the battle report, and the hope that we'll soon have a 4th person so that in the large games we can do teams.

The game begins with me literally being forced to set up my entire army in the middle of teh table.  Ryan's Ogres sit on the right while Dave's Beastmen are on the left.  There are 3 poker chips on the table, two in plain view and one behind the far tower in the picture.  These represent objective points.  I get to go first for all it mattered and as this scenario specifically breaks the common turn order it messed up a lot of things.

The picture doesn't show it but the two Clanrat units that were in the center had been killed a turn earlier.  Being started in the center and only 10" away from enemies meant big 1st turn charges for the Ogres.  All sorts of in his favor.  Dave lost a whole unit of Gor to a panic test caused my WLC which also in this picture has been killed.  It was only I think turn 2 at this point.  It was bad.

Here we can see that the combat above has ended.  The Plague Monks we're ran down.  The Minotaur are dead and my Giant Rats are moving off towards the far board edge.  Dave is having no better luck dealing with the long moving Ogres and their many attacks as here we see his Bestigor getting beat on by a unit of Ogres that had yet to lose a single man.

Dave did manage to hold for a round.  Not that it was to last much longer than that.  At this point Ryan controlled 2 of the 3 Objective Points as well as having earned a 3rd for killing my General. The Bestigor lost this time and ran, they managed to get lucky and avoid being ran down just to get force fled off the table before having a chance to rally.

Here we see the final play.  Dave's Bestigor running and literally the only models I had left were those Giant Rats and a Gutter Runner in that far tower.  Ryan completely dominated this game.  Me getting sandwhiched early on put me in a horrible spot.  Ryan getting the 1st turn charge left me out to dry.

So, as you can tell from the comments the game was pretty bad.  The scenario that GW wrote in the book seemed interesting and it was definitely that.  Unfortunately it was not nearly awesome enough to ever warrant playing again.  Starting in December I'll be writing our Scenario's again.  I'm not 100% certain how I'll do it but I'm going to have to come up with something.  Ogres are super hard to slow down without at least 1 turn of shooting and magic to do some early damage and 1st turn charges ruin games...  It's rough to say the least.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chuck ToFG: Ogre Update

I've been working on the potentially display board for the Ogres for Adepticon 2012.  Also thought I would throw out a picture during Thankgiving Day weekend.  Happy Turkey Day and weekend everyone!  I'm also playtesting a unit of Maneaters for 1500pts - maybe Scout/ItP or Sniper/Poison combo.  I'm curious to see how they'll work out.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Joe F. ToFG: Skaven VS. Ogre's

Got together to play Ryan's Ogres today.  After the severe beating I took from Chucks I was needless to say worried.  Of course there was some seriously bad luck against Chuck when the Genera/Engineer blew up on the top of Turn 1 taking 1/3 of his unit with him.  Still, trepidations to say the least.

Here we can see the initial deployment.  From left to right he Skaven are: Giant Rats, Plague Monks, Clanrats with BSB, WLC, Clanrats with Engineer, Gutter Runners way out in the middle.  On the opposite side from left to right: Leadbelchers, Ogres, Ogres with Bruiser, Scraplauncher, 2 single Sabretusks.  I won the option to go first and did so hoping to get an early jump off with the WLC.

That early jump off with the WLC didn't work out so well.  Misfire and 1.  Yup, top of turn 1 and I'm 90 points in the hole.  On the other hand the top of Ryans turn 1 he charged my Gutter Runners with 1 of his Sabretusks.  I killed it with a stand and shoot causing a panic check in the Scraplauncher which went right off the board.  A good laugh was had by both of us.

Here's a solid view of about the middle of Turn 3.  You can see things getting ready to really begin as far as combats are concerned.  The units are linine up nicely and such.  The charge being measured here is a Sabretusk intot he flank of the Gutter Runners.  I had faith they would kill him in hand to hand.  Which they did.

The first combat engages.  I was really hoping for better performance form the Monks.  They lack the hitting strength that they require.  Everytime I've used them with the Plague Banner they end up with 20ish hits, but only ever manage about 4 wounds.  They ended up losing almost 15 guys, and barely held.  Ryans other unit should have hit the other unit of Rats but managed to fail the charge which was good for me.

Now you see why it was good for me.  Big charge.  The green Clanrats even got Death Frenzied.  We won this combat and ran down the Ogres.  It left me all messed up and turned out to be a bummer of a deal.  I should have reformed my Monks but didn't which lead to the Blue units eventual demise as the Leadbelchers currently not in this picture hit them in the flank.

The end result from that mistake of not reforming the Monks.  Luckily the Leadbelchers rolled a terrible pursuit and the Ogres had chosen to hold and reform.  Lucky me, the Blue unit survives for a while after this being a hinderance to Ryan.  My green unit ended up walking into the house for a few turns after this to hide from the big bad Ogre unit who eventually finished off the Monks.

The end of the game.  His Leadbelchers finished off the blue unit.  The Gutter Runners finished the Leadbelcher.  The big Ogre's killed most of the green unit and made them run.  I got lucky and at the bottom of turn 6 Ryan declared the charge.  I manged to stay literally just on the table and he didn't catch me thus preserving me enough points to call the game a draw.  About 623.5 to 692 in Ryan's favor.

This game was crazy with some seriously big swings that neither of us could believe.  His dice would be terrible or my dice would be hot.  It was a fun game with a lot of back and forth.  I feel like I need more shooting of some brand.  You'll be seeing the re-introduction of Weapons Teams in my next list for sure.   I just feel I don't have the hitting power to deal with so many Ogres and need to kill more before the actual combats.  Of course if the WLC didn't blow up turn 1 that may have been a little different, but who knows.  Also my magic this game didn't do much.  I didn't mention in the report anywhere that I had Cracks Call but I think it only ever killed 3 Ogres.  I'm really torn on what to add next month.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Board Game Review: Blokus Duo

Blokus Duo is a two player game that I picked up for my wife and I to play. I've heard plenty of people suggest this game and many say that it is a lot like chess in that anyone can play, but it could
take a really long time to master and become really good at it.

The game is small and quite cheap at only $10.00 and that was retail at Wal-Mart which means it's also an easilly accessible game. If Wal-Mart carries it than the chances are so do other large stores such as K-Mart and Target. Each player chooses a color (this game came with orange and purple). Each color has a large set of different shaped pieces, much like those in the video game Tetris for the old Nintendo's. There are of course pieces that are shaped far from anything you'd see in Tetris, but you get the point.

There are two small circles on a the game board which is a large grid I believe 10 by 10 but I could be incorrect. I hadn't thought to count the spaces available. To start one player must choose a single piece and place it so that it is touching one of the circles. The other play chooses the other circle and then play begins in earnest. You then place pieces next to yours trying to block off your opponent while placing all your pieces.

You must be diaganolly adjacent to one of your own pieces. You cannot touch the sides of your own piece, but must be touching at one of it's corners. This is much harder to expalin in words than using a picture.

The game is really quite enjoyable.  My wife and I played a number of games of it in all of 30 minutes.  It plays very quickly.  It was fun but too quick and thus to repetitive.  Not bad, and for $10 it was worth the money for an occasional pick up but extended play will make you wonder if it was really worth it.  I'd like to try the full sized game which is 4 players as I feel that it would be a better game overall and less likely to experience burnout with.

Chuck ToFG: Massive Bases

Ogre Update just wanted to show that we are still progressing with the bases conversions.  These bases are simply made from cut styrofoam with a hot wire cutter.  They are big and look good!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ryan G. ToFG: Ogres VS Beastmen

Okay, so here we go again with a battle report. Month two; we are at 1000 points, and I am battling Dave and his Beastmen army.

We played a normal battle line scenario, and my list contained:

Brusier - General
7 Ogres
8 Ogres
3 Leadbelchers

I don't remember exactly what Dave had, but it pretty similar to the one he battled Joe with except he swapped out a Bray Shaman for a Wargor. It started off with me getting first turn, and marching straight ahead at him. Did some shooting, missed with Scraplauncher, and minimal wounds from LB's. His turn was moving forward, most things straight forward, but did put Harpies to the side of the Scraplauncher, and hid one of his casters in the tower. In Magic, he cast the buffed Amber Spear at Scraplauncher and did 3 wounds.

Turn two was again uneventful for me. Just repositioned my troops, scraplauncher again missed, and LB's killed 2-3 bestigors. His turn 2 he charged both the Bestigors and Harpies into the LB's, and move the rest of his stuff forward. Again a buffed Amber Spear hit the Scraplauncher, but only did 1 wound leaving it with one left. Bestigors and Harpies destroyed the LB's and chased them down.

Turn 3, I charged my 7 Ogres w/ Bruiser into his Minotaurs and my 8 Ogres into his Bestigors. Shooting did much better for me as I hit a pile of scrap on top of his wizard in the tower and killing blowed him. Both units of Ogres were successful and broke both his Mino's and Bestigors. The Bestigor breaking caused the Harpies to panic, but my Ogres by the Mino's only managed to roll a 3 for pursuit and were left out to dry for a flank charge by Dave's Gors. He then charged my Ogres in the flank on his turn with his Gors. He caused my unit to break, but failed to run them down. He also failed to rally with both the 1 remaining Mino, and his Harpies, and the Harpies ran off the table edge.

Turn 4 I had no charges so I just rallied and repositioned my remaing units. Scraplauncher killed 3-4 Gors and then on his turn he charged the Gors back into my Ogres. This time he rolled snake eyes for his primal fury and became frenzy as well. Again he broke my Ogres and this time managed to run them down.

Turn 5 I took my 2 Sabertusks into his last Mino to try and gather the rest of those points. I managed to do 2 wounds, but then he killed one of my Sabers. His turn he repositioned his troops and then got off a Wyssan's on his Mino making him toughness 5. He then killed off the remaing Sabertusk and his Mino survived the battle.

Turn 6 was really uneventful, as we were both out of range to get back in combat with each other so the game ended. Overall it was a draw with him getting 703 vitory point, and myself getting 606. Very good game, and could have easily went either way. Had he just gotten that extra wound on the Scraplauncher, or had I got the final wound on his Minotaur it would have been a win for either of us.  Great game, great time.

Ryan G

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joe F. ToFG: Skaven Plague Monks

Wow this unit took me almost the entire danged month.  I powered out the Giant Rat unit early on and then hit a wall something fierce.  However, I did manage to finish them tonight.  7 days before the completion due date, here they stand.  I think the Champions Book came out really well.  Not very satisfied with the banner though.  My free hand ability is terrible.  Luckily I'll only ever have to paint I think 1 more banner for this army and that's some way down the road and its not even cloth so there wont be any freehand to it.

Again, the book looks really nice in my opinion.  The unit as a whole I think came out pretty well.

Sorry I decided not to bother getting the white box out for the photo shoot here.  I just didn't have the energy and I only took the two photo's.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mino-Rawr! Warhammer Quest

So, I've been putting this off for far too long and I've finally begun painting my Warhammer Quest set so that I can run the game at Adepticon.  This is the 1st model I've done.  Well I've actually drybrushed all of the stone archways but those don't really count as painting becasue like I said I drybrushed them all.  I know you can do a lot of heavy detail work and different colors if you want.  I've seen 'em done that way, but I felt that a stone archway is a stone archway and that's what I went with.
Plastic Minotaur Circa. 1995
So here we can see the Minotaur in all his ancient model glory.  Given the theme of the game and its age I even went with the garish color schemes from that day and style for nostalgia factors.  The bright red gloves and belt I thought were pretty hilarious and the checkered loin cloth are really quite close to the models pictured in the rule book for the game along with the stark highlighting style used.  Ah, yes...  Warhammer Quest.  I'd say its time to go delving.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chuck ToFG: Ogre VS. Skaven

Chucks Part:
Well Joe and I played in the back at Gryfalia's Aerie at our November tournament.  Initially things looked like they could either way.  He had a level 2, a multi-wound cannon and poisoning scouts on my flank.  It would come down to dice and leadership checks to determine if I could get to him.  This is our turn 1 and deployment pic! 

By turn 2 both of our heavier flanks had come around.  My Mournfangs into his Clanrats and his Giant Rats into my Bruiser/+HW ogres.  I kept my Leadbelchers out taking pot shots here and there but didn't commit with them on the plague monks (Without realizing he had the Plague Banner in them).

By turn 4 the rats had run away, the Clanrats had failed checks and ran after 2 rounds of combat with the Mournfangs and the Ogres with Ironfists kept up with Plague Monks.  They did put some wounds on the ogres after a round or two.  Joe actually hit all 20 time with the Monks the first round from the standard.  I made 4/9 saves with my 5+/6+ saves.  Turn 4 my Sabretusk charged in and killed the WLC, and the Leadbelchers charging and afterwards running away the Bruiser's unit of Bulls then went in and cleaned up.

I like my list so far it has gone 3/0 versus Skaven, Empire, and Wood Elves.  Changes for December...  I will probly increase the Leadbelchers to 4 with a Musician and take another Sabretusk.  I am on the fence with regards to another Mage/BSB or Ironguts, though I probably could go cheap and take a unit and the characters.
Joe's Part:
Chuck is quite correct.  The game started out as normally as any and if you'd seen the first batch of rolls from me you'd have thought immediately, "Ooh, here comes Skaven badness".  However, that badness came in the form of a turn 1 implosion from my Engineer killing himself and half of his unit to immediately remove my magical ability from the game.  This would hurt my army pretty significantly anyway.  Even more so though that Ogres have so many wounds to get through before they begin losing attacks.  At the low points I really depend on the magic to do some killing for me and here it was gone before it had done anything at all.  The WLC never got a good hit only occasionally clipping and at low Strength.  The Gutter Runners did okay, even forcing the Leadbelchers to flee from a Stand and Shoot reaction when they tried to Charge.  The Mournfangs are super powerful, but I was really amazed at how long it took them to clear out 25 Clanrats.  I believe it was 3 rounds of combat and that is somewhat because of dice, but I think that it is also very much the Steadfast ability at its best.  The game was good, I think with magic having not crapped out on me it may have been a better/closer game but c'est la vie and what not. 

Joe F. ToFG: 1,000 Skaven VS. Beastmen

So I got together with Dave tonight to get a test game in at our 1,000 point level.  Although you could look through old posts until you find the lists I'll re-iterate them here.

Warlock Engineer - Level 2, Warp Energy Condensor
Chieftan - BSB, Dragonhelm, Shield, Luck Stone, Screaming Sword
2x25 Clanrats - Full Command, Shields
23 Giant Rats - 2 Packmasters
25 Plague Monks - Full Command, Plague Banner
5 Gutter Runners - Poison, Slings
Warp Lightning Cannon

Bray Shaman - Level 1, Screaming Sword
Bray Shaman - Level 1
Bray Shaman - Level 1
25 Gor - Standard, Musician, Extra Hand Weapon
20 Bestigor - Standard, Musician
3 Minotaur - Extra Hand Weapon
5 Harpies

 For some odd reason I didn't get a picture of the whole board after set-up but this was Daves right flank.  Minotaurs and his big Gore block.  Actually this is at the bottom of my Turn 1, I've already poisoned one Minotaur from the Building.  There is a Mage behind the Minotaur and 1 in the Gor block.  To the right of this picture is a unit of Bestigor also with a Mage and some Harpies hiding behind a tower.

So here you can see the rest of my army set up.  His Bestigor in this picture are nearly off of the board.  The WLC had a good hit killing I think 7 or 8 and he panicked.  He did rally at some point just on the table edge to stay in the game.  The Harpies are grounded behind the tower due to a Warp Gale while I begin my advance across the board.

This is the picture at the end of the game.  It really doesn't do justice to the carnage that was had.  His Harpies eventually killed the WLC.  His Bestigor beat the Giant Rats at which point the Plague Monks hit them in the side and powdered them.  The Clanrats you see had a lucky turn where Dave's dice turned against him and he lost combat to get ran down by them.  His Minotaurs although way out of position survived by eating one of the Clanrat blocks and later charging and managing to catch the Giant Rats who were fleeing from their own lost combat.

I feel the lists both performed pretty well for what they were.  Dave and I discussed a number of things, primarily among the things were how to try and fix his leadership issue.  The highest he could achieve was a 7 in this game, and while my own high for LD was only an 8 it was still there.  I really missed my Weapons Team in this battle.  I know deep down that the Mortar does very little but I like it for that extra little oomph it can add.  However, I went from 25 troops to 100 this month so now with my force heavily bulked up I know that next month at the 1500 point level I can start adding the rest of my little toys and things.  Dave picked some really cool models from I think it was Hordes or War Machine for his Harpies as he felt the GW ones just weren't up to snuff and these look tops.  It was a solid game and very close.  It should have been closer if it weren't for Dave's crappy dice rolls in combat.  The last round where I defeated the Gor block with Primal Fury active he managed to kill only 1 Clanrat.  It was abysmal.  Plague Monks are tops, they did a lot of damage when they got into the Bestigor; I still feel though that I'll be adding a Priest to the unit to ensure that they get the proper killing power they need.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chuck ToFG: Bases!

Well I'm looking to rebase several units including the 6 Bulls and Leadbelchers.  I'm going to post some pic's later this month but I've got to get out the flat 5ml. GW stock plastics.  Nothing wrong with them but there are so many other options out there, here's a couple that are pretty reputable and produce some good stuff.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dave ToFG: Dave's Beasties

What have I learned? Warhounds are total junk, and Centigors are way over costed! Back to the drawing board.

I picked up some mino's and some models to use as harpies. Interested to see how these treat me. If the harpies don't pan out I may try da chaos pigs.

The list im looking at for Month 2 is somthing like this:

Bray-shaman - Shreaking sword, general, lore of shadow (maybe)
Bray-shaman x 2 - lore of beasts
Hero 239pts/250pts
30 Gors - full command
Core 265pts/250pts+
5 Harpies
20 Bestigors - mus, standard
3 Minotaurs - AHW

I may be missing the mark, but I'll run with it and may tweak it some more. The plan is to focus the 2 Beast Shamans on the Gors and Mino's if they need it for Wyssans. the Harpies are there for any warmachines and a flank charge. If this list fails, I will be switching out a shaman for some more feet on the ground.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chuck ToFG: 1,000 Pts. November List

after some more larger games I decided to paint my Mournfangs. I feel that i need a hard hitting fast unit to take out enemy anciallary troops and the models look sick.

So after some heavy debating I kept in my list alot of what I had, didn't take the BSB or mage yet because I still feel i need more troops on the field to deal with horde armies and the elites alike.

Bruiser General
Biting Blade, heavy armor, pistol, Enchanted Shield

3 leadblechers

2 independent Sabretusk kittens

3 Mournfang Cavalry, heavy armor, IronFist, Standard and Musician

6 Bulls Standard and musician

6 Bulls, additional hand weapon, standard, and musician

I think my game this time will be against Empire but we will see. Also bought my Adepticon 2012 badge. See you all there!

AND working on newer bases for the Ogre Bulls. I feel that my army is going to be mountain themed.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Joe F. ToFG: Giant Rats!

I completed the Giant Rat unit today.  23 Giant Rats and 2 Packmasters.  Pretty basic colors and everything.  I wish I'd gotten a better angle on the picture but I wasn't about to re-shoot.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ryan G. ToFG: 1,000 Points

     Month two is here, and we have now increased to 1000 points. My army did extremely well at 500 just because of the brute force of it. Nothing that Joe and Dave had could stop my main block of Ogres if it got into combat with them. So for this month, I kept the same strategy, and we'll see if it will pay off.

My 1000 points are as follows:
Brusier - General
7 Ogres w/ full command
8 Ogres w/ full command
3 Leadbelcher w/ Bellower
2 Sabertusks in 1 man units
     I chose to still only have one hero, because I think the troops are going to be more important at low points. I really do miss magic and a BSB though, and think they will be coming out to play rather soon. The Ogre blocks will again try to close the gap quickly and get into combat asap. Leadbelchers are just amazing, and in my opinion so far, should be in every Ogre Kingdoms army. I really like the Scraplauncher model, but have not really had a chance to use it, so that will be interesting considering I have a lot of toughness three targets in both Joe and Dave's amries. As you can see in the pictue, I am not using the normal GW Sabertusk models, and have decided to use some lion models I found through Crocodile Games as substitutes. They fit very nicely into my African theme, and I severely dislike the GW models. The lions are a bit smaller than I had hoped for, but when comparing them to GW horses, then are to scale to what a lion should be to a horse so I am happy.
     I am almost done with the launcher already, then I will get started on the sabers. I am still enjoying painting this army, and I hope I continue to enjoy playing it. I have over doubled the model count this month which was to be expected. For these first few months, I am trying to include units that I feel I will use in the army 99% of the time so it might not make for the best build right now, but it should pay off in the end.


Joe F. ToFG: November List

Okay, so having gotten in 4 games with the 500 point list and then playing the big game I realized quickly what the list didn't have which was any kind of combat potential.  Ryans Ogres on the other hand accelled at combat while I was left completely dependant on my shooting.  This month I'm going to change it up.  Knowing that my end list for Adepticon will have at least 4 big blocks in it I know that I can solidly work in that direction and that is exactly the way I went for this month.  The army list as a whole will now compries:

Warlock Engineer - General
Chieftan - BSB
23 Giant Rats - 2 Packmasters
25 Clanrats - FC, Shields
25 Clanrats - FC, Shields
25 Plague Monks - FC
5 Gutter Runners - Slings, Poison
1 Warp Lightning Cannon

I've chosen to get rid of the Weapons Team as it really seemed quite useless.  I mean a 5+ to wound anything is nice and all, but for 65 points, I mean that's half the cost of the Giant Rat unit so I decided just to build the Giant Rats.  4 blocks should give me a definate number advantage.  Hopefully I can stick a unit in and hold there necessary round to get another in the flank and give me the static win since the Skaven aren't exactly going to kill a lot.  The Plague Monks though are a definite hitting unit as long as my dice don't abandoned me.  The picture of the whole army together at this point.
You can see right away the addition to the army for this month as its all simply primed black.  The BSB is on the left, a very simple work from the IoB set.  I'm really stoked to get to work on this and get going.  A total addition of 75 models from 500 to 1000 points.  Hooray for cheap Skaven!