Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rise of Legends - Da Burna Boy'z (Pt. 3)

So as I discussed in my last article I wrote up a Dogs of War entry for my group which I’ll link to in this article.  I’ve also begun work in earnest on the models themselves.  The first guy I started work on was the Boar Boy who has the Club Wiv a Nail In’ because that idea just stuck in me really fast exactly how I wanted him to look.  I also began work on the Wolf Rider too and moved on him pretty fast.

First up is the Boar Boy with the Veteran Kit Club Wiv a Nail In'

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rise of Legends - Da Burna Boy'z (Pt. 2)

Continuing my own coverage of the Rise of Legends project from Unstabledice Podcast.


Good day everyone,

So since the first post I’ve gathered my models and all but finalized my list for better or worse and am now getting more into the fluff of the army.  The list is:

Gorgut Necksplitter
-Orc Boar Boy – Leader, Shield, Dragonhelm, Gold Sigil Sword

Gorbad Brainbasha
-Orc Boar Boy – Dog of War, Shield, Club Wiv a Nail In’

Shoota Stick-eye
-Orc  Arrer Boy – Dog of War, Hand Crafted Ammo

Crusha Backbreaker
-Orc – Dog of War, The Epic Flail, Big ‘Un

-Orc – Extra Hand Weapon

-Orc – Extra Hand Weapon

-Orc – Extra Hand Weapon

-Goblin Wolf Rider – Shortbow, Shield, Spear

I’ve changed my list quite a bit since I last wrote.  I didn’t like the idea of the low Armor Save on the Black Orc so made a Boar Boy the leader because I could easily armor him up to a 2+.  Also I upgraded this guy to a Champion because I really, really wanted the extra attack.  I think 15 points is awfully expensive for that, but I still chose to go this route.  Then I wasn’t satisfied with 18” bows so I dropped a Wolf Rider and added an Arrer Boy for the range.

Blood in the Basement: Campaign Abruptly Ended

Hi everyone,
So you know that we've been playing a campaign loosely based on the Blood in the Badlands campaign released by GW.  Well, much as many campaigns do we literally managed our way almost half through the allotted campaign before it came to a grinding halt due to real life.

I re-modeled my bathroom, Ryan had a baby and our friend Josh put the real nail in the coffin by accepting a job offer in Portland, OR.  So much for finishing.  However in lieu of being able to complete the campaign we decided that hte next best thing would be to have one big mega battle before Josh leaves and so we got together on July 7th for just such a thing.

The Players
Left to Right: Joe, Dave, Josh, Dan, Chip, Ryan
Alliance of Evil
Dan : Chaos Dwarfs
Dave : Demons of Chaos
Chip : Warriors of Chaos

Alliance of Good
Joe : Bretonnia
Josh : Dwarfs
Ryan : High Elfs

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grudge of Drong Scenario 1 Battle Report

Hello everyone,
Assuming you've heard the last podcast released (and if you haven't go get it here) then you may want to take a look at this Battle Report.  This is the game that Ryan G. and I played for the 1st scenario in our coverage of The Grudge of Drong.

Krudd Mad-Mattock
Thane - BSB, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Cleaving
25 Warriors - FC, Shields
25 Warriors - FC, GW, Shields
20 Longbeards - FC, GW, Master Rune of Grugni
20 Miners - FC

Mage - Level 1, Lore of High Magic, Khaine's Ring of Fury
15 Archers - Musician
15 Archers - Musician
26 Lothern Sea Guard - FC, Sheilds
30 Spearmen - FC, Shields
9 Silver Helms - FC, Shields

Friday, July 5, 2013

Episode #66: 4th. Edition Campaign Boxes - The Grudge of Drong Pt. 1

Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining us once more here at The Waaagh Cast for another fun filled Episode of Warhammer fun.  in this episode Ryan G. and myself talk about our first 4th Edition Campaign box The Grudge of Drong.  We go over the main story, the 1st scenario, our game and how it went and our recommendations for updating this thing to a more 8th edition setting.  Then at the end we talk a lot of hobby and what we've been up to lately before dropping off.  Please if you enjoy the show leave comment sand i-tunes reviews and e-mail us if you have any questions.

Also for those looking; this link here are the pictures from the battle report.

Enjoy the show!

Download the show driectly from this link: Episode #66
Run Time: 1 Hour 24 Minutes 2 Seconds

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Years Resolution Updates - July

Here we are now half way through the year of 2013 and I’m taking another look at my continued list of New Years Resolutions.

1. Finish painting my Warhammer Quest set.
Last year I made the final movement into getting the rest of the Warhammer Quest collection.  That isn't to say that I own every model you could possibly run into in the game, but I do own nearly every piece that was specifically made for Quest itself.  In fact last year I managed to completely finish painting the entire base set and now I'm left with Lair of the Orc Lord and Catacombs of Terror along with the rest of the independent characters.  I'd really like to finish this bad boy up and get some good foam for it from Battlefoam maybe, but let's just work on the painting right now.  This shouldn't be too bad.  I think total this is only about 20 models.  There will be no half points for this.  It either does or does not get done. 
Continued failure.
0 Points! 

2. Finish Bretonnian Army
Ah, what good hobbyist doesn't have this specific goal?  Considering last year I nearly completed two armies (Skaven and Empire) I see absolutely no reason that I can't complete the Bretonnian army by year’s end.  I started this army just near the end of last year so it hasn't even been shelved off of the table yet since I've procured it.  I have a specific set of models for this army right now and the goal is to completely finish what I have and buy nothing extra.  This may of course be overridden by GW bringing out a new Army Book. I think this is unlikely, but possible.  The original purchase of this army was for the Adepticon Team Tournament of 1,200 points.
10 Points

3. Finish 2 Unfinished Projects
Yet another resolution every hobbyist has for themselves.  I guess really the Quest set kind of falls into this category but I'm speaking of everything in general.  I actually did finish my Dwarf army years ago, but I still have about 30 models for the Empire army and probably 50-60 for my Skaven army.  I'd really like to finish them up.  I also need to construct a display board for both the Bretonnian and Empire armies.  So these will be my projects.  Note I designated (2) projects, and not every one of them because let’s face it; you'll never manage that!  1 Project for 1/2 credit.
Bretonnia display board complete, Skaven complete, some extra Dwarfs I picked up at Acon nearly complete.  Finished this one baby!
10 Points 

4. No More Board Games
I own too many games.  I've known this for years, but I keep a pretty accurate count due to insurance reasons.  I have just a hair under $10k worth of Games Workshop product of some kind and a couple of hundred dollars under $3k in Board Games.  I know better than to think that I won’t be buying more GW stuff, but considering how rarely I actually get the Board Games to the tables I've decided to put a moratorium on Board Games for the year.  This means avoiding garage sales, online excitement, etc...  So I'll be dovetailing my activity on Board Game Geek and everything else.  Its going to be rough because I'm a very flighty person who always wants what I see when I get excited about it.  I've bought many a game through quick impulse.  Full or none!  I either avoid buying or fail and purchase.
0 Points

5. Play Every Board Game (And sell them!)
This is a two part...  Having gone through my collection I find that I own just over 175 board games.  Now, not all of these are mine specifically; I've gotten plenty of games that are just for my sons (age 4 and 10).  I keep my games quite separate from there's and my goal is to play every one of my games at least once this year.  I'm going to buy a sticker sheet of little orange dots from the store and every game that gets played will get a dot.  At the end of the year any game without a dot will go onto the chopping block and be sold off.  I'm the kind of person who is loathe to part with things and accept change that said there is no real tangible 1/2 way for this, so again with all or nothing.
I’m not 100% on where I stand here.  I’ve played a lot, but I haven’t sold any and I kind of doubt that I will.  I’ll take a closer look at this in a month or two just to confirm that I will indeed be failing it.
0 Points 

6. Run a Tournament
Some of you know that between me and many people in Bloomington that I already run tournaments.  These are small tournaments though that tend to draw anywhere from 8-16 people.  The most we've had at that.  I want to not only run a better tournament; but I want to run 20 people minimum and have a nice set of tables and terrain there.  I'm looking at emulating Invasion Kenosha basically.  Hopefully I'll see this idea come to fruition.  I've already been working on it and maybe we'll see it happen.  I'm a busy man with two kids, tournaments I already run, etc...  If I manage to at least complete the terrain for 10 tables worth I'll consider this 1/2 credit.
This will be a fail.  I can pretty assuredly guarantee that I will not be running a GT style tournament this year.
0 Points 

7. Get My Son to Play Miniatures
My oldest boy is 10 years old (11 in July) and while he has shown mild interest in Warhammer he's never really been 'for' it.  A casualty of the 'video game' era is the only thing I can come up with.  I have absolutely no idea if I'll ever succeed; but my plan is to get him and some of his friends started as easy as I can and throw them into some games of HeroQuest.  I ran across a box of HeroQuest some time ago completely un-punched and still on sprue and while I'd planned mostly to sell the thing I'm thinking more now about using it as an entry point for the kid.  While the ultimate goal is to get him into Warhammer if I can at least get him and his Friends to play this game a minimum of (5) times I'll throw 1/2 credit.  If it actually leads to a game of Warhammer full points!
Started!  His friend asked about Warhammer and said he wanted to play so I started them on this game.  We’re 1 game into the 5 for ½ points.  At the rate of speed we’ll be playing though I doubt we’ll get them to a game of Warahmmer but I’m going to make an honest shot for ½ credit here.
0 Points

8. Play 52 Miniature Games
This is a yearly goal and has been for the last 4 years.  Every year I come quite close but 2012 was the first time I'd achieved it!  I run the Blood Bowl on-line league which I didn't count in 2011 (which means I probably would've made it that year too).  This time I'm counting it though.  It may seem  like a bit of a cheat, but screw ya'll considering the time and effort I put into the league.  If I can breach 45 games I'll go 1/2 points.
Well, I’m up to 22 games.  The bathroom remodel and my wife’s back surgery have slowed progress, but we’re only ½ way through the year so I’ve still got plenty of time.
0 Points 

9. Crack a Top 20 or Podium Award
I've been playing in tournaments now for 4 years.  Competitively I've never been a super solid player and I always go more for the fun and drunken shenanigans.  That said I've never been in the top 20 of any tournament.  My tournaments this year will be Adepticon Team Tournament, and Blood in The Sun at the minimum.  I'm on the wait list for the Adepticon How You Use It Tournaments and hopefully they'll either expand or enough people will drop that I can get in.  I must either crack a top 20 somewhere or god bless make a podium of some kind which is to say win an award.  The two need not be connected.  So if I were to get Sports or Players Choice or an award of some kind it would count.  Barring an award at least one tournament with a top 20 placing would be good.  Hell if I manage both I'll throw in the bonus of extra credit and give me an extra 10 points for the effort.
10 Points

10. Lose Weight
So I know that I said up top that this was BS and a cop out.  Fact is I'm going to use it anyway.  Garagehammer and crew have been hosting #Fathammer in which a boatload of Warhammer players have been trying to drop weight.  While the competition began before Christmas I didn't take it seriously and consistently floated and even gained weight before 2012's end.  So in 2013 with renewed vigor I shall drive forth and take it off!  I currently weight in at the time of writing this 221.8lbs.  My goal weight is 200lbs.  If I can hit my mark at some point this year and end 2013 under 210lbs, I will consider this half credit.  If I can hit that mark and end the year under 205lbs. we'll go for full.
Not only did I finally meet this goal but I crushed it getting down to 197lbs during my bathroom remodel.  Of course sine then I’ve gained some back but I’m well under the 210 mark and I’m looking to reliably stay under 205 easy so I’m going to keep track of this but I’m going to go out on a limb and say complete.
10 Points

40 Points accrued!  Kickin ass!  Sadly I’m looking at a solid 2 full out failure goals in here, pretty certain 3 I’m going to be pushing it to manage a B- I think on a grading scale.  Still, anything is possible.  Well except for a A+ that is impossible, but past that…  Well maybe an A- is too at this point.  Shit…