Friday, May 10, 2013

Blood in the Basement: Round 2, Turn 2

Welcome back to our Blood in the Basement Campaign for 2013.  We met recently to finish up the first turn of the Summer Season.  As a refresher here is the picture of the map as we last had it.
So this turns fights are resolved.

Ryan VS. Dave
Ryan was victorious earning him 'Living in Infamy' so the next time this army and Dave fight Dave will hate all of Ryan's units.  Dave's army not only was scattered (to be re-born due to the summer phase) but Dave also gained some 'Inexperienced Leaders' in this armies next fight giving one of his units stupidity.  High Elves over Demons.

Chip VS. Dan
As they could not work out a time to get together (sadly most of us while being within about an hour of each other do live in different towns).  Dan thus having the worse work schedule conceded to Chip for this game.  We let Chip roll on the Spoils of War table as it counts as a win for him.  Chip earned 'Beneath a Proud Standard' which gives a unit in this army a free 20 point Magical Standard while Dan earned nothing.  Concession of the Chaos Dwarfs to the Chaos Warriors.

Joe VS. Josh
Since our game did not count towards the campaign (we had no reasonable way to challenge one another we simply got together and fought a fun game with the victory going to my Bretonnians over his Dwarfs.

As a final resolution to our expeditions everyone who had the ability constructed mines and took over open or undefended territories where possible.  There are only 2 mines left in the box which means they are about to become a limited resource.

After all the fortification saves and tiles switching hands our turn order ended like so:
Ryan -6
Dave -8
Joe  -8
Dan  -9
Chip -9
Josh -10
Ryan -55- Secret Tunnels - Fight whom you wish ignoring the usual challenge order.
Dave -23- Raiding Party - Pick a rivals tile without a fortress, city, mine on it and plant your flag there.
Joe  -63- Treasure Chest - Gain D3 (3) Relics
Dan  -22- Settlers - Pick an open space and place a flag in it.
Chip -32- Force March - Move an army a 2nd time.
Josh -61- Treasure Map - Gain a relic and get a mine.

Check out the map below in correlation with the one above to see where we landed.
Fight, fight, fight!
Ryan having his choice regardless of army placement after movement challenges Dan.
Dave is forced into fighting me as he is not on another players army anywhere and I have an army in his territory.
Chip gets to fight Josh in a one off fun game.

Rolling for mines.  This is always worth a laugh.
Ryan - Collpase
Dave - +100 Points to next fight
Joe  - +1 Relic 30 Point Item / Collapse
Dan  - +200 Points to next fight / +300 Points to next fight
Chip - +1 Relic 30 Point Item / +1 Relic 50 Point Item
Josh - +100 Points in next fight / +1 Relic 60 Point Item / +150 Points in next fight

And finally an update on the Relic Count:
Joe:  8
Ryan: 3
Chip: 2
Dan:  2
Josh: 2
Dave: 0

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Years Resolution Updates - May

May is here and its time for my monthly update on my New Years Resolutions.

1. Finish painting my Warhammer Quest set.

Last year I made the final movement into getting the rest of the Warhammer Quest collection.  That isn't to say that I own every model you could possibly run into in the game, but I do own nearly every piece that was specifically made for Quest itself.  In fact last year I managed to completely finish painting the entire base set and now I'm left with Lair of the Orc Lord and Catacombs of Terror along with the rest of the independent characters.  I'd really like to finish this bad boy up and get some good foam for it from Battlefoam maybe, but let's just work on the painting right now.  This shouldn't be too bad.  I think total this is only about 20 models.  There will be no half points for this.  It either does or does not get done. 
I have still not begun this particular goal.  I'm thinking now that I may not get to it at all this year.
0 Points! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bretonnia Army Completed!

Ah having waited ever so long I am done! By which I actually mean done! This is my first 100% completed army. I mean, like many I've had 4 other armies painted up to 2400 at least; but I have other pieces of those armies to do. This army however I have now officially finished every model for it, including extra movement trays to field the units in different sizes. Display and all, I'm done!!!!!

So, here is a wrap up of all the pictures from the army along the way.  Note, that while there is only one picture of Knights below there are 3 units and there are 2 units of archers.  The only difference between the pictures below and the actual army at this point are I painted over all the lines on that unit of Knights so I could go back later and add real heraldry at some point.  So, maybe not 100% done.  :)


So there you go.  An army finished, or at least finished enough.  I don't think when I wrote my New Years Resolution post that I'd included this in 'finish a project' section; but by gods you bet your butt this counts as it.  More points for the Resolution!