Monday, August 19, 2013

Rise of Legends - Da Burna Boy'z (Pt. 5)

Joe checking back in here.  I haven't achieved much since my last post.  Frankly I'm at somewhat of an impasse as far as the models are concerned.  I really wanted to do a lot of converting, but I really lack the skill set for heavy sculpting talent.  As such you've seen pretty much everything I've done has been simple work.  Bits swapping, repositioning, adding small bits like bags, ropes and such.  I'd really like to do more; but now that I've mostly finished the models themselves I have to decide on a basing scheme.  I'm not really a fan of cork board bases, but I think I'll try it with these guys and see how it turns out.  Until I get to work on those bases though you can see what I've done recently below.

I realised that I hadn't yet made a guy with a flail for the 'Epic Flail' piece of Veteran Kit and so had to do that.  Using a number of Marauder Flails from an old Chaos army I once had the results are the guy below.

Also I added a stolen barrel of brew to the back of the Orc who I'd modeled carrying a torch.

Da Burna Boy'z!
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rise of Legends - Da Burna Boy'z (Pt. 4)

(My Continued Coverage of my Involvement of Unstable Dice's 'Rise of Legends')

So I’ve still been plugging away on the models happily now that I’m 100% settled on a list.  I keep talking more to Chuck and Ryan about the lists and I think this one will probably not perform as well as I could have made an O&G list using Savage Orcs but I went for fluff over effectiveness which in my opinion is what hobby is about to me.  Everybody gets what they want out of a hobby and while I enjoy fluff over competitiveness I know there are people who feel the other way.

Still, ignoring all of that, here are some pictures of the current works in progress.

Orc Boy #1 with Torch
Starting with my single pose model I cut and moved an arm while trimming down the chunk of his axe where his two choppas were at one point connected.  Having repositioned the arm I then took out the weapon and with a piece of an old Wood Elf Dryad I placed that in his hand to make a torch.  I used a piece from a banner pole out of an Orc or Goblin Chariot (I don’t remember which exact kit it came from) and some greenstuff to make the fire.  I added a shoulder pad to help ease the transition of the reposed arm and a rope to hold the shoulder pad on.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Episode #67: The Grudge of Drong Pt. 2

Hello Everybody,

Once again I'm joined by my fellow player Ryan G. as we get into the continued play and discussion of our 4th Ed. Campaign series for The Grudge of Drong.  In this episode we play out and discuss Scenario 2: Ambush on the Dwarf Road.  In the first half of the show we quickly run down a synopsis of the campaign's storyline thus far and the results of the previous scenario.  Then we discuss the current scenario and all that goes with it before we finally discuss our game.  After a short commercial interlude we talk about what we've been up to personally in the hobby before we leave you for another month.

You can click below to expand this article and see the pictures from the Battle Report.

Stirland River Patrol Display Base... 1/2 of it anyway.

So for people who've been with me for a pretty long while now they know I've been working on a Stirland River Patrol Empire army for nearly like 3 years.  Having now completed almost all the models I have it was time to finally finish the Display Board for a tournament that is coming up in a week.

This is only 1/2 of the board as the other 1/2 of the army are flocked to be on the shore of the river; but a chunk of the army is made to be on a boat still.  I actually began building this specific display board almost 5 years ago while working on a Dogs of War army that I ended up selling when I ran into some hard financial times.  I kept this though and now I finally get to finish it and use it.  I'm pretty excited and I think it certainly gives the army a unique look.