Thursday, May 31, 2012

ToTG: Joe F. Empire up to 1K!

So here we are finally rounding out into June and the 2nd month of me and Ryan's Tale of Two Gamers.  This month we move up to 1,000 points which is a big swing for me.  Ryan of course doesn't have to paint as I do, but that's okay because I am rocking it out!

So far this for this month I've painted the following characters.  Two wizard and an Engineer.  I'm currently working on the 10 Flagellants but I'm nowhere near done with them.  As soon as that happens there will be a picture of those as well.

My 1k list from here is:
Warrior Priest
Level 2 Wizard
40 Spearmen, Shields, FC
14 Handgunners
10 Flagellants
Great Cannon
Hellblaster Volley Gun

I've basically got it all painted at this point and I'll be posting pictures later, but for now the plan is that.  I'm not sure about the Spearmen so big this early, but I'm not sure what else to put in.  I wanted a BSB, but I also wanted to add the Engineer/Volley Gun combo and a Wizard at this level to really give me some punch that I was severely lacking in our 1st 500 point games.  Hopefully this will do it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Waaaghcast! Cup - End Week 14

Week 14 goes out with a whimper as we begin winding down the season for the Waaaghcast Cup.  Nothing but average games and only a few injuries for this week.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

ToTG: Joe vs. Ryan 500 Points

So tonight Ryan and I finally got around to our 500 point game for the month.  Excitement mounted as I figured I would lose horridly to the Ogres but I was very happy to be playing with the new army.

I fielded:
Warrior Priest - HA, Shield, Sword of Striking
25 Spearmen - Shields, Banner, Musician
14 Handgunners
Great Cannon

2x5 Ogre's
1 Sabretusk

I don't know if he had any special items on his Bruiser, but at 500 points not much if any.  I'm also pretty sure he had Ironfists.

We had an udder picture fail this game.  I was so excited to be playing that I didn't think of taking pictures until we were in Turn 5 and even then there was nothing to take a picture of!  So you only get two pics this battle.  Hopefully we'll remember earlier next time.

Turn 1was mine and I fired the cannon to no avail while Ryan moved heavily forward.  Turn 2 I again fired killing 2 Ogres while the Handgunner managed only a wound.  Ryan used his 2 to charge some Ogres and his Sabretusk at my Handgunners.  Due to order I stood and fired at the Ogres and fled form the Sabretusk through my spears but out of harms way.  My turn I charged the left most Ogre unit (the one that just tried to charge my Handgunners) and much to my surprise he fled.  The Handgunners then failed to rally and hauled off the board.  I chose not to redirect but instead let his Bruisers unit come to me.  I managed to successfully get off the 5+WS and Re-roll wounds prayers.  Ryan charged in and I won combat, I failed to catch him, but on my turn 4 I charged him while he was still fleeing and caught him.

The pictures below are turn 5 pictures.
I tried to grapeshot the Sabretusk and only got a misfire.  He then easily dealt with my crew.  Especially after I failed a fear test.
Again at this position I turned to face Ryan and let him charge me.  This time I did not get my Re-rolls but the Ward Save did save some guys.  This combat was totally Ryans and I was banking on Steadfast to see me through this last turn of the game which it did.  Based off of VP's I believe I won.  Actually in retrospect now I believe it was probably a draw but we would actually have to add up the points.  I feel confident in saying draw.  Still, it was fun playing.  I'm really excited to continue this Empire army and get some more games in.

Takeaway: Warrior Priests are necessary.  The hatred and prayers are the only reason I won that first combat.  I have a feeling with the type of list I'll be running there the only reason I'll win any combat.   BS3 sucks but it's what I've got.  Cannon's while awfully whimsical are still good.  It only killed two Ogres but the damage output possible means on average it will do more.  I'll just have to field two for redundancy.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Waaaghcast! Cup - End Week 13

Week 13 has officially ended.  The Longbeards have fallen into 3rd with two losses in a row while other teams begin to claw their way up the rankings in the final stretch of the league.  With only 5 games remaining it is still a pretty open field.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

White Box

So I've finally pulled some white box out.  I say some because I may or may not have used pieces of it to make my Adepticon 1k display board.  Oops...  Still, this is better than nothing!

14 Handgunners

40 Spearmen

Great Cannon & Hellblaster Volley Gun

Witch Hunter / Warrior Priest

Display Board

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ryan G: The BSB is Done, Man!

Finished up my BSB this week, so I thought I would through up some picks.

I think he turned out rather well, and I am quite please with him. I originally thought I was adding too much of the grey on him, but I like it. I am terrible at free hand work, so the banners are kinda blah, but I prefer that over looking awful. The varnish dull coat did put a white film on small parts of him, but I think I have figured out what is causing it, and will try to fix it for the next batch of guys.
Up next are my Mournfang. I am planning on using four of them so that should be my next painting post. I'll hopefully get a game in with Joe next week and have a bit more to say for this topic.

Take care all,
Ryan G

The Waaaghcast! Cup - End Week 12

Week 12 has completed with a very slow week.  The games were all over average and there wasn't even a single death this week.  So sad...
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Beat Goes On...

So I finished stripping all of the models that were fit to be stripped today.  With the excitement of that I really poured myself into finishing some other stuff for the upcoming 500 point game with Ryan.  I completed the improvement of the Handgunners and 1 of the Cannon Crews as well as completed a Great Cannon and a Hellblaster Volley Gun.

Having finally gotten some more movement on the models I'm really excited to get to playing them.  Before Ryan and I play our 500 point game next week I would really love to get that chunk completed...  That list is:

Warrior Priest
-Sword of Striking, Heavy Armor, Shield
25 Spearmen
-Shield, Standard, Musician
14 Handgunners
1 Great Cannon

The love of this little list means that I only have to get together a Warrior Priest.  Sadly I am currently without a model to use for one.  I have a Witch Hunter that I'm considering proxying as a Priest as I don't likely plan on using the Hunter himself, but if I can scrounge $15 bucks I may go acquire one sometime soon.

Also at some point I really will have to work on getting the white box back out for some decent pictures where you can actually see the models since all the pictures I've showed thus far have been pretty poor being that I've been using my camera phone.  Still we do what we do.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ryan G: Tale of Joe and Ryan?

Joe has asked me to help keep him motivated for the hobby again, and I have readily agreed. I have plenty of Ogre stuff to keep me busy, and he will in turn keep me motivated to get it done also. Most of my base army is already painted due to the previous Tale of Four Gamers blogs, so most of what I will be painting will not be used until I get to the 1500 point range. Currently I am still working on my BSB so that I will have him done for the Blood in the Sun tourny in June.

Since Games Workshop does not currently produce a Ogre BSB model, I am converting a Hunter model that I had lying around. This is a very rough picture, and I promise it will look much better once I am done.  As far as my 500 point army goes for this month I decided to keep it simple.

5 bulls
5 bulls
1 sabertusk

I have yet to really use the Ogres in a high point game, and I am looking forward to getting more of it done so I am able to.

Ryan G.

The Waaaghcast! Cup - End Week 11

Week 11 has finally ended after some serious set-backs, partly due to Adepticon and partly due to some players personal lives.  We've also suffered our first real casualty as one of the coaches has been forced to depart the league due to real life circumstances.  That does however give me a pleasure to induct Mark Dieter from the Ohiohammer podcast into the league to take his place with his Orc team, the Baltimorc Kravens!  Keep an eye on those Orcs everyone, they can be a vicious team.  Coming into the league more than halfway through it will be impossible for Mark to shoot for the title, but he will definitely shake put he league!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Empire; The Stripping Goes On...

So I'm nowhere near done stripping these damned models...  I've got the 9 Knights Panther done, and 10 of the Flagellants.  I haven't touched the Pistoliers or Volley Guns and hoenstly I'm not sure I'm actually going to strip the Pistoliers.  After much discussion and thought I believe they are probably a big waste of 100 points that would be better spent on a wizard or a cannon.  One of the big things about this army that I'm slowly re-building is the fact that they are all older edition models and I refuse to mix with newer.

That said if you ever have to strip any of these in-particular models above do yourself a favor and don't.  The way that the hair/fur is made with all the little squiggles and folds is enough to make you want to quit the hobby for good.  Seriously...  I've been using one of my dental picks for greenstuff work to get the paint out of the crevices.  It sucks.  I'm sure that in the end It will make me insanley happy to look at the army as a whole though.

Which brings up another point.  Since I refused to strip the Handgunners and Spearmen they are painted to a far below average standard for my skill.  I'm not sure if I should intentionally paint these guys to a lower standard or just do my usual work level on them and hope that nobody notices the block of 40 Spears or the 14 Handgunners that looks so much worse.  I guess I could go through them and highlight a bit, but dammit I don't want to!  Thoughts from the peanut gallery on this are welcome.  :)