Saturday, August 23, 2008

Episode 2 : Orcs & Goblins Army Review

Show notes:
This episode I am joined by my good friend Chuck Jiardina. News of GW's up in pricing soon to go over in the news and rumors as well as a note on upcoming Black Library releases. After that Chuck and I review the 7th edition Orcs & Goblins Army Book and give what advice we can to fellow greenskin generals. There are a large number of microphone thumps and bumps in this episode. A LOT! Like I said before I'm learning so stay with me; I think the audio quality of this episode is better than that 1st one and as I learn it'll just get better. Hope you enjoy!

Please if you enjoy the show please leave I-Tunes Reviews as this helps me get moved up the list and become easier to locate and garner more listeners!

-It should be noted that after recording I realized I made an incorrect statement here when discussing the savage orc boar boy'z (actually I made the statement twice). I stated that with the banner of butchery a unit of 5 boar boyz would get 30 attacks. This is incorrect as the banner of butchery only affects models and not mounts resulting in only 25 attacks.

Episode Length - 72:57

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Photos of Chaos

The photos of the new Chaos Mortals due for release later this year.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Episode 1 : Introduction

Show notes:
  • Introductions
  • Discussion of format
  • Short talk about Dark Elves
  • Short Rumors about Chaos Mortals
  • Invitation to criticize and contact me
This is the 1'st episode so don't come in expecting too much; but bear with me. I swear it'll get better.

Episode Length - 10:38

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Links to various Forums/Etc...

A collection of links to various Forums/News and Rumormills etc...

Forums that cover all GW and miniatures hobbies:
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Dogs of War Forum
Bugmans Brewery
Dwarf Forums
Warhammer Empire
Empire Forums
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Ogre Kingdoms Forum
Orc & Goblin Forum
The Under-Empire
Skaven Forums
The Khemri
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Cast : Host Bios

Joe Flesch : The host of the show. Married and the father of two children, I've been playing Games Workshop games since I was 13 years old which gives me plenty of history with the hobby. Although I've only been into Fantasy since about 2006, I love it the most of all the GW games!

I've played nearly all of the Specialist Games line ; but if I was to narrow down what I play the most it'd be Fantasy, Blood Bowl and Warhammer Quest. I started this site after listening to Podhammer; as an extension of my hobby that I don't get to play as often due to having two children. I hope you enjoy the show!

Chuck Jiardina : The co-host. Residing in Bloomington, Illinois; and married with a son. I have helped Joe with The Waaaghcast since nearly the beginning and appreciate how much time an effort running something like this takes.

I play several games including Warhammer Fantasy 4th-7th edition; I used to tinker with Blood Bowl, Warhammer 40k, Hero Quest, and Battle Master. I started with Fanatsy in 8th grade. I played O&G for 10 years (10,000+ points), painted my fathers Empire and Lizardmen while living at home (10,000+ points) and then converted to Vampire Counts in 2007 and now have over 7,000+ points.