Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fantasy Gaming... Deep Thoughts...

This is like as not to be a fairly long winded post so keep that in mind as you begin reading.  That and I will likely cover this on the next podcast but your looking at a couple weeks before that gets recorded and released.

Taking stock of my fantasy gaming career is a simple matter.  I've been alive for 33 years now and for at least 19 of that I've been playing tabletop miniatures games.  Thats a lot.  Now, I don't claim to be a game designer or the best strategist, no, none of that would be accurate at all.  I however feel that I have played enough games to be able to pin down whether a game will be successful over a long haul.  Sadly, I believe AoS is not going to be that game.  I don't think it will die off, nor do I believe that you'll never see a tournament for it.  I do however believe that they will be fewer and farther between than WHFB tournaments were and I don't think you'll be finding them around my area.