Friday, May 2, 2014

Episode #75: Skirmish in a Wider World

Hello loyal listeners,
Welcome back for our 75th Episode!  I'm joined in this one by our old co-host Chuck to play out a short 4 game campaign which will be influenced by the Warhammer Skirmish scenario's printed back in 2003 by Games Workshop in the above shown book: Warhammer Skirmish.  Chuck and I basically follow along a small campaign that the game studio played through in this book which takes us through 3 specific scenarios; Cut the Bridges, Baggage Train and Storm the Barricades!  These games take place previous to a full size Warhammer game and incorporate the victories and defeats into bonuses are drawbacks for the winning and or losing forces in each game.

The Skirmish scenarios being played out have much more involved storyline rules and objectives in them which can really give you a much more narrative feel for your gaming.  This as far as I'm concerned only improves the game.  Chuck and I took a lot of pictures which will be listed below in the categories of Games 1, 2, 3 and 4 and hopefully you, dear listener will find them interesting to browse through.  I also want to state for the record that there was some microphone issues during the discussion of our final game which is unfortunate but hopefully wont detract too much from the show.

Hopefully you enjoy the show and as always if you have questions, comments or feedback feel free to post it here, or get hold of us through e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.  Thanks for listening!

Download the show directly from this link: Episode #75
Run Time: 1 Hour 05 Minutes 06 Seconds