Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is a test...

This is only a test.  Please ignore this post; it is reserved for future projects.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Personal Hobby Updates:

So I haven't posted much since the New Years Resolution post and to be quite honest I haven't done much hobby wise; but I have done some and today I get to go over some of it to keep you all kind of in the loop.

First lets take a look specifically at the resolutions and their current positions.
1. Finish painting my Warhammer Quest set Not started yet.

2. Finish Bretonnian Army I've completed a Prophetess of Heavens and Lord on Pegasus; included pictures below.

3. Finish 2 Unfinished Projects Still working on Bret's so this is a no.

4. No More Board Games I'm not certain that IOS implementations of Board Games counts and I'll say no as they neither take up physical space and only cost a fraction of an actual board game; but I have bought a IOS version of San Juan.  An excellent game.  I'll also bought my kids a copy of Loupin' Louie! which could count as a fail but since it wasn't for me I'll still count this as a holding on although only by the skin of my teeth.

5. Play Every Board Game (And sell them!) I have since managed to play a couple games: Risk Legacy, and Lords of Waterdeep.  That's 2 down and about 120-130 more to go.

6. Run A Tournament I've made no progress on this at all.

7. Get My Son to Play Miniatures Haven't gotten working on this yet either.

8. Play 52 Miniature Games I have played 1 game so far.

9. Crack a Top 20 or Podium Award Haven't hit a GT up yet, 1st one of the year will be Adepticon.

10. Lose Weight I'm still making a steady drop; only a pound or two a week; but progressing.

So we can see some progress being made here although not all in a positive direction and for the most party stagnant items that haven't pivoted one way or the other.  At least its something, right?  We've completed the 1st turn of our Campaign and you can read about it and the start of turn 2 here: Round 1, Turn 2.  Also, I've nearly completed painting the map (image below).  I'm still working on my Bret's and getting fairly close to completing my Adepticon list.  I still have to paint 2 Character's and the 3 Pegasus Knights as well as finish highlighting my last unit of 8 Knights of the Realm; but that really doesn't seem like too much work to do in 2 months.  I also have to flock the trays but that's a single day project.

I'm really looking forward to Adepticon and even though I'm still only signed up for the Team Tournament and am numbers 7 and 9 on the 1k tournament wait lists respectively.  I'll take some 1k armies up with me regardless of whether a slot opens or not and hope that somebody doesn't show, or drops and hopefully make it in that way at least; but we'll have to wait and see.  I'm signed up for Blood in the Sun 3 and am talking with Chuck about heading north for Invasion Kenosha in July so I'm getting into the planning stages for my tournaments for the year.

There is also a 2,000 point tournament this weekend in our local store that I'll be running a different Skaven list at using a 7 man unit of Rat Ogres and  Warlord instead of Greyseer which I'll throw a couple of battle reports together for afterwards so keep an eye out for that.  I guess this is where I'll leave this post.  Hopefully in a week or two I'll have more for you to read.  Thanks for keeping up!

Bretonnian Porphetess and Lord on Pegasus:

Campaign Map:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blood in the Basement... Round 1 Turn 2

So we got together last week for our 2nd turn of the Spring Season in our Campaign.  With turn 2 come some fairly hefty changes.  Primarily that one of our players (Ryan G.) has switched races.  Since its so early in the campaign we have collectively decided to let him switch to a new army he has recently acuired which is High Elves.  As such his character grouping has change to the following:

General-Slap of Meat & Spear Army Marker
Renoic (Archmage)
Level 4, Jewel of Dusk, Talisman of Saphery, Folariath's Robe, Lore of Life

Lieutenant- Helmet & Shield Army Marker
Triston (Noble)
Armor of Caleador, Dawnstone

Lieutenant- Barrel & Bow Army Marker
Nathon (Mage)
Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Ruby Ring of Ruin, High Magic

So to continue on let's discuss turn 1 wrap up.  Let's start with the picture:
Now the battles...
Dan and Dave fought a siege with Dan's Chaos Dwarfs assaulting Dave's Demonic Capital.  The game was a hard fought one ending in a concession from Dan who could not breach the walls.  This eventually lead to Dans army being scattered for the rest of the season.

Chip and I fought over the wizards tower with the battle coming down to only about a 200VP difference in the end.  Had I fled 1" further or Chip failed 1 more armor save I would have won; but the end result was Chip taking the win and scattering my army for the rest of the Spring season as well.

Ryan and Josh's game ended with a victory to Ryan but since it was not acutally a fight over a specific tile and just so they could play we didn't count it as anything special for the campaign.

Aftermath.  Dave failed a fortification save against Dan and lost his fortress.  Ryan was scattered from the Wizards tower that he and Dan were both on reulting in Dans capture of it.  Ryan then overtook Chips starting fortress while I was scattered away from Chips encroachment into my territory as he took one of my spaces.  I took an open space on the edge of the map as did Dave.  Josh not only took 2 open spaces but built a 2nd mine.  Chip built a 2nd fortress as did Ryan.

So with the turn wrapped up, our new turn order was as follows based on most tiles controlled:
1st - Dave
2nd - Joe
3rd - Chip
4th - Ryan
5th - Dan
6th - Josh

We're all quite excited to get into our 2nd turn of the Spring round and now we can take a look at the current map after our movement.
To recap the turns events, our rolls resulted in:
Dave: Diplomacy- Declared that Dan could not attack him this turn.
Joe: Blood Sacrifice- Will be of no use this turn as I'm not playing a campaign game.
Chip: Cunning Commander- This turned Chip into the 1st player in the turn order.
Ryan: Slave Labor- Re-roll the dice for your mine results this turn.
Dan: Stacking the Odds- Fight next battle with 25% more points than opponent.
Josh: Diplomacy- Declared that Dan could not attack him this turn.

So you can see the movement from the picture above and where the battles will take place.  Having been beaten on pretty badly the group decided to take it easy and give me a reprieve from assault this phase and went out to beat on each other.  Ryan withdrew from Chips territory  as Chip consolidated his armies back home.  They are fighting over one of Ryan's tiles now along the river.  Dave couldn't let Josh have all those tiles and so encroached into his realm where they will be fighting over his northernmost tile.  Dan being 2nd to last in the turn order could ended up having to fight me as the others were occupied so, although we will not be fighting over a tile we will be playing a game for practice.

The Results from the first turns battles on the victory/defeat charts were thus:
Dave having won gained the advantage of Elite Army.  This gives this army marker an increase on his Special and Rare caps form 50-25% to 75-50% for its next battle.  Dan suffered from Inexperienced Leaders which results in one of his units in that specific army suffering from stupidity in its next battle.  This however wont take effect until Summer season as the army was scattered.  Chip gained an Elite Army as well from his battle with me which we've outlined above also not benefiting him this turn as the army receiving the bonus returned to his own borders.  I suffered a Captured Hero meaning that the Pegasus Lord has been Captured sure to be sacrificed at the end of the Season as I am relegated to only a single army left on the board and my chances of rescue are pretty much nil.  I'll be gaining a new Lieutenant next season after the eventual promotion of one of my currents to a General.

The results for the mine rolls for the turn were as follows:
Chip: Gold and Iron- Additional 200pts for next battle
Dave: Gold and Iron- Additional 250pts for next battle
Joe: Fabulous Treasures- Relic, Free 40pt Magic Item
Ryan: Fabulous Treasures- Relic, Free 30pt Magic Item
Dan: Exhausted- Mine Destroyed
Josh: Gold and Iron- Additional 100pts for next battle

As a final recap for the turn the battles are as follows:
Chip- Argost The Ogreslayer at +200pts vs. Ryan- Triston the Noble
Dave- Tarisa Man Drinker at +250pts vs. Josh- Cardinal Nikelaus at +100pts
Joe vs. Dan (non campaign battle)

As I said, we're all looking forward to the coming turn.  The excitement is high still as we move into the battle phase of our 2nd turn of the campaign.  Hopefully your all enjoying reading about it too.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gareth's 20 Questions!

Listening to the latest Bad Dice Podcast I went ahead and took Gareth's 20 questions quiz myself.  Who know's, maybe we can blow this thing up into a full meme.  LOL!  It is kind of interesting looking at my own answers.  What are yours?

Gareth's 20 Questions

1.How long have you been playing? - 16 Years
2.Whats your favorite army? - Dwarfs
3.Whats your favorite model? - Empire Gryphon
4.Boxers or Briefs? - Boxer Briefs
5.Whats your favorite spell? - Mindrazor
6.Whats your favorite tournament? - Adepticon
7.Beer or win? - Beer
8.Steadfast or Horde? - Steadfast
9.Whats your favorite paint? - Snot Green
10.Kiss or cuddle? - Kiss
11.Whats your favorite edition? - 8th Edition
12.Dog or cat? - Dog
13.Large or small template? - Large Template
14.Whats your favorite city? - Springfield, IL.
15.Front or flank? - Flank
16.Favorite magic item? - Doomrocket
17.Scone or Skon? - Scone
18.Are you a gamer or a painter? - Both
19.Cannon or Volleygun? - Cannon
20.Hardest model to build? - Gyrocopter