Sunday, May 3, 2015

Episode #81: WHFB Malaise & Wild West Exodus

Hello everybody,

Episode #81 is up and running where friend of the show Dave and I discuss our current state of malaise on the WHFB game that not only ourselves but many others are currently feeling and then have a discussion on Wild West Exodus as our new hobby hotness.  So if your interested in a new game and the Wild West sounds good give it a listen.  We had some recording issues during the show, some background noise and echo.  One of my microphones is getting pretty worn out and needs replacing so I apologize for the less than stellar audio quality for this show.

We hope you enjoy the show, and if you have any comments, questions, etc please feel free to e-mail us and leave comments on the blog or i-Tunes!  Thanks for listening.

Download the show directly from this link: Episode #81
Run Time: 1 Hour 08 Minutes 41Seconds