Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chuck ToFG: 1,000 Pts. November List

after some more larger games I decided to paint my Mournfangs. I feel that i need a hard hitting fast unit to take out enemy anciallary troops and the models look sick.

So after some heavy debating I kept in my list alot of what I had, didn't take the BSB or mage yet because I still feel i need more troops on the field to deal with horde armies and the elites alike.

Bruiser General
Biting Blade, heavy armor, pistol, Enchanted Shield

3 leadblechers

2 independent Sabretusk kittens

3 Mournfang Cavalry, heavy armor, IronFist, Standard and Musician

6 Bulls Standard and musician

6 Bulls, additional hand weapon, standard, and musician

I think my game this time will be against Empire but we will see. Also bought my Adepticon 2012 badge. See you all there!

AND working on newer bases for the Ogre Bulls. I feel that my army is going to be mountain themed.

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