Monday, November 7, 2011

Dave ToFG: Dave's Beasties

What have I learned? Warhounds are total junk, and Centigors are way over costed! Back to the drawing board.

I picked up some mino's and some models to use as harpies. Interested to see how these treat me. If the harpies don't pan out I may try da chaos pigs.

The list im looking at for Month 2 is somthing like this:

Bray-shaman - Shreaking sword, general, lore of shadow (maybe)
Bray-shaman x 2 - lore of beasts
Hero 239pts/250pts
30 Gors - full command
Core 265pts/250pts+
5 Harpies
20 Bestigors - mus, standard
3 Minotaurs - AHW

I may be missing the mark, but I'll run with it and may tweak it some more. The plan is to focus the 2 Beast Shamans on the Gors and Mino's if they need it for Wyssans. the Harpies are there for any warmachines and a flank charge. If this list fails, I will be switching out a shaman for some more feet on the ground.


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