Saturday, November 19, 2011

Board Game Review: Blokus Duo

Blokus Duo is a two player game that I picked up for my wife and I to play. I've heard plenty of people suggest this game and many say that it is a lot like chess in that anyone can play, but it could
take a really long time to master and become really good at it.

The game is small and quite cheap at only $10.00 and that was retail at Wal-Mart which means it's also an easilly accessible game. If Wal-Mart carries it than the chances are so do other large stores such as K-Mart and Target. Each player chooses a color (this game came with orange and purple). Each color has a large set of different shaped pieces, much like those in the video game Tetris for the old Nintendo's. There are of course pieces that are shaped far from anything you'd see in Tetris, but you get the point.

There are two small circles on a the game board which is a large grid I believe 10 by 10 but I could be incorrect. I hadn't thought to count the spaces available. To start one player must choose a single piece and place it so that it is touching one of the circles. The other play chooses the other circle and then play begins in earnest. You then place pieces next to yours trying to block off your opponent while placing all your pieces.

You must be diaganolly adjacent to one of your own pieces. You cannot touch the sides of your own piece, but must be touching at one of it's corners. This is much harder to expalin in words than using a picture.

The game is really quite enjoyable.  My wife and I played a number of games of it in all of 30 minutes.  It plays very quickly.  It was fun but too quick and thus to repetitive.  Not bad, and for $10 it was worth the money for an occasional pick up but extended play will make you wonder if it was really worth it.  I'd like to try the full sized game which is 4 players as I feel that it would be a better game overall and less likely to experience burnout with.

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