Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The race is on!

As is often the case with those in our hobby we often do our best work (or at least fastest) when deadlines are looming ahead.  Be it last minute painting in the week or even night before a tournament to slamming an entirely new army together in a specific amount of time for some kind of hobby challenge or article.  We’ve all been guilty of just stacking our projects up on top of eachother until we’ve lost track of what it was we were trying to do and things slip off to the wayside to be forgotten for months or even years.

With the new house/game room and a new army to tickle my fancy I’ve really been on the hobby horse lately and now I’ve decided to drive myself towards a goal by year end.  I could simply say to finish as many projects as I can, but that leaves too much open to chance of me slipping off track.  While finishing as many unfinished projects is certainly a goal in its own, I’ve also decided to drive myself to get the 3 armies I have painted up to 4,000 point legal lists using the current game rules.  This isn’t too difficult as I’ve already got well past 3,000 painted for most of the armies but sometimes it’s that final drive that’s the hardest.

As it happens I’ve already finished my Skaven army to this level having painted the Verminlord last month.  My Dwarfs are actually already able to be fielded at 4,000 which is why they are on the back burner with my collection only currently having 21 unpainted models.  My Empire need the most work.  While I can do 3,000 with what I have, the place the army lacks is the ability to hit the 25% core requirement.  To fix this I’m adding a second unit of 10 Handgunners, 2 Handgunner Champiosn with Long Rifles and a unit of 25 Halberdiers to the list.  Also I’m painting a unit of 5 Reiksguard Knights to use as a chaff blocker.

Since I have my Empire out and on the table I’ve also decided to spruce some things up.  The army was a secondhand army when I got it and while I’ve fixed it up as much as I can and it looks pretty good now, I’ve been trying to find ways to improve its appearance scores.  The paint scheme is pretty basic and the conversion work is super simple which aren’t earning me too many points.  The basing does fine and the theme and display are good so that really only left me one place to try and earn an extra point or two and that was in the ‘freehand’ category.  Now, I should say that I nearly have palsy as bad as I shake, but I decided to give it a go.  Especially since my Empire is old and the banners are the large flat open ones from the older edition models.  You can see the results above.  I have 3 banners in the army with this look and then I have a unit of Knights Panther and Demi-gryphon/Crocodiles which I haven’t decided on what to do yet. Eventually I’ll get to that too.

That’s all I have.  Just a little plug about what I’m working on.
Hobby on fellow readers.  Hobby on.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Episode #77: Assassins and Slayers

Hello and thanks for joining us on Episode 77 of the Waaagh Cast!

In this Episode friend Ryan G. and I get together to plays some small narrative scenario's from the old Skirmish book.  Namely the aptly titled Asssassin! and Slayers! scenarios.  I bet you can't guess what the stories are for these two games!

We talk about a couple of tournaments and as stated in the show here is the link to the Screw City GT.

The last half of the show is primarily us talking about hobby and all that we've done since our last show way back in June.  Hopefully it isn't too boring for you all to listen to.

As always, feel free to write the show, leave comments, reviews, suggestions, etc can all be emailed to us or left here on the blog.  Thanks for listening!

Picture 1 is the initial charge into the General's tent and the troops awaking to the sound of fighting.  The 2nd is the Assassin making off after the dirty deed has been done.

The Assassin makes it away in this final picture from the first scenario and the other pictures from the Giant turned out too blurry to really use, but if the one picture doesn't give you the idea of some Slayers about to find their doom, I don't know what will.

Download the show directly from this link: Episode #77
Run Time: 1 Hour 08 Minutes 54 Seconds