Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Age of Sigmar : Death of Warhammer

Welcome to the Age of Sigmar...

Or so it is told.  Here I am on June 30th writing this post looking at the pictures, rules and warscrolls (I.E. Army Book) of the new starter set.  As told currently Warhammer Fantasy Battles is dead.  The books have all been pulled and are no longer for sale.  White Dwarf is touting this new game as an entirely new system and for the most part it is indeed quite new.  It seems to me that it is pulling mechanics from damned near every current game system out there.  We've got skirmishing models, simplified rules, rules in box with models, on-line .pdf's containing rules which can be updated when desired.  Sure we've still got plenty of what were used to with GW as well.  That is to say amazing models, poor customer communication and an utter lack of answers to any of our questions.

The Waaagh Cast Quarterly: Issue #3

Hi everybody!

We're here with Issue #3 of The Waaagh Cast Quarterly!  I'm thrilled to have managed to get 3 of these magazines put together and with the help of friends perhaps we'll do more.  Truth be told, we only have at this moment the slightest idea of where Warhammer is heading or where it will end up when the Age of Sigmar launches in just 10 days.  Hopefully we'll all still be playing but good gracious, the lord only knows.

In this issue you get to see some Dwarfs, hear about some Empire VS. Warriors of Chaos, learn a bit about Blood in the Snow and find out how to make flowering trees.  Along with anything else that you may find of interest and we hope you do; please enjoy the 3rd quarters issue.  Hopefully we'll be back in Q4!

Download The Waaagh Cast Quarterly Issue #3 HERE!

If your new to the e-zine and would like to go backwards to check out our first issue then you can visit the blog at [url]http://www.waaaghcast.net[/url] and find the tag section looking for WCQ.