Monday, November 28, 2011

Joe F. ToFG: 1,500 Points December/January

Well, here we are preparing to go into the month of December.  Our 3rd month for the ToFG articles and the increasing of our lists from 1 to 1,500 points.  Due to the heavy load of family events, snow, kids, etc... our current plan is to continue our 1 off games as we can but we will likely be putting off our 3-way game until January.  This will not only give us all time to deal with family during the holidays without having to rush to get something together but it also gives a 4th friend of ours time to get a Warriors of Chaos army up and running.  If he does he wont be joining the ToFG articles but will be joining us during our big games to turn them into 2 on 2 games.

So for my 1,500 point list I have to paint yet another giant chunk of models.  Given Christmas then I'm going to have a little bit of extra time from skipping our 3rd big game for a little extra time.  I've added my Stormvermin unit to the army at this point.  I've split the Giant Rats into small distracting units and added some Weapons Teams and Slaves.

The base list:

Warlock Engineer
-lvl 2
30 Clanrats
-Shields, FC, Warpfire Thrower
30 Slaves
-Shields, Musician
30 Stormvermin
-FC, Shields, Doomflayer
2 Units of Giant Rats
-5 Rats, 1 Packmaster / Per Unit
30 Plague Monks
-FC, Plague Banner
2 Units of Gutter Runners
-Poison, Slings
Warp Lightning Cannon

I haven't added on all the banners or magic items yet, but this is the base list I'll be working with.  A total paint requirement of 33 models.  I got lucky on having already gotten 5 of the Stormvermin done a while back and the other 5 Clanrats for each unit.  Its going to be tough but like I said the little bit of extra time I'll have into January should help.

The Horde Grows...

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Cpjiardina said...

Cracks call I think got FAQ'd as a there are some new ones out there for OK and Skaven at least..