Saturday, February 21, 2009

Episode 11 : Lizardmen

Episode 11 - Lizardmen

Show notes:

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  3. News/Rumors : Empire Plastics, Chaos Heads, Skaven Rumors, Space Hulk
  4. Feature : Lizardmen Army Book Discussion
I'm joined by Brett and Jacob from previous shows to discuss the new Lizardmen Army Book. Along the way we discuss some news/rumors and show off below the new Plastic Empire Steam Tank and Greatswords. We hit up some Skaven Rumors, talk about Space Hulk and one of our favorite games previously released and no longer supported by Games Workshop. Hope you all enjoy the show.

There are more pictures in the regular photo galleries as well; including more of the tank and the Count of Averland. Check the Photo Page here!

Link to the DakkaDakka Space Hulk THread :

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