Sunday, October 30, 2011

Joe F. ToFG: A couple additions

So as usual I've been working on some things between the usual stuff and this time I've built a Plague Claw Catapult.  Its a conversion from the last edition Screaming Bell that I had sitting.  As I had all the bits for the Warp Lightning Cannon/Plague Claw Catapult kit having built two of the Cannons I decided this seemed like a great way to utilize it.  I also wrote a conversion article for the Skavenblight Gazette which is the e-zine for The Underempire Skaven Forums so check that issue out.  It should be hitting around December if I'm correct.

Just a Rat Ogre holding a hapless Empire captive.
My Plague Claw Catapult converted from the last edition Screaming Bell.

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Anonymous said...

Love these joe

Keep up the great work!