Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Joe F. ToFG: Lord on Bonebreaker

Okay, so it is very likely that this model will never be used during the ToFG; but I wanted to paint him up really badly and since I was done with my 1st month list I took the time.  I converted him out of the Hero from the Island of Blood set and 1 of the Rat Ogres.  Mostly just re-positioning of arms, a little modding with the jewelry chain and a big poleaxe from the Orc Boss kit.  I think he looks really awesome as a model; but in game he just can't do what he needs to do in combat and he's too easy to single out.  Also I tried to lighten the picture a little so you could see him because the i-Phone for all its wonder takes the crappiest pictures.  Eventually I'll dig my real camera out again.  I swear!

Warlord on Bonebreaker

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