Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chuck ToFG: 1992 Ogre Conversion 'Bruiser' Painted

Well Started last night when I was home alone for hours on end. Started with basic base coats of foundations. Then used Badab Black wash over everything and then rehighlighted with the same foundation. I matched the closest regular GW paint I could to the same color like catachan brown and snakebite leather. Used them 1:1 and then worked my way up to pure snakebite leather. If I went any further i would would highlight with Snakebite leather:Bleached bone 50:50.

The Green starts with Gnarloc Green, Green Wash, Gnarloc Green highlight, then Gnarloc: Goblin Green. After that I start streaking the Goblin Green for the muscle look. Finally just a little bit of Gnarloc Green:Rotting Flesh. Somtimes Badab Black or Ogryn Flesh washes in the recesses but not always.

I had the picture the Right Great Toe coming out of the Shoe!

Going to work on each Ogre and get them eventually to this caliber or better. Basing next, but right now I don't have a base for him...

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