Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joe ToFG: Rats...

So, as you could all see from the start pictures most of my 500 point 1st month project was finished from the word go.  Hoever I did have to paint a Plague Wind Mortar and 5 Gutter Runners with Slings.  I finished those models up just this afternoon having gotten most of it complete at our 1st joint paint night.

The picture isn't super, but you get the idea.  Also I hadn't gone over the Plague Wind Shells with 'Ard Coat yet so they aren't glassy in this picture but that was done also this afternoon.  With these done and Ryan and I having snuck in some games earlier I'm technically done for the month; but that doesn't mean I wont keep working.  I have some other ideas I want to plan up and I could certainly stand to play a little more with the list. 

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