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Mini Narrative Campaign - Opinion's and Thoughts

Chuck and I had originally recorded about 40 minute worth of content to go along with this, however when I returned to edit the sound files we discovered that the microphone I have appears to have been broken at some point in time.  There was a loud buzzing throughout the recording that no amount of noise reduction filters was going to get rid of.  Being a fair stickler for quality as I can manage I refused to let this go so Chuck and I have compiled our thoughts into writing instead.
I have provided a scan of the scenario's we used excepting the Siege Scenario from Blood in The Badlands as that book is both still in print and more of about 5 pages than 1.  Still, this will at least give you an idea of what we're talking about in each one.

Game 1: Scouts & Picketts
(Skirmish Scenario)
Scouts & Pickets Scenario: General's Compendium
You can tell when playing with the Skirmish rules that the game clearly was not designed for 8th edition.  Beyond the obvious differences in movement being double for a charge and random the number despartiy for 2-4 point models probably didn't exist in 6th.  I'm sure they didn't intend for you to be able to field 80 men in a Skirmish game but with the low cost of troops in this edition you could easily field making it last far too long for what it is.  The scenario was interesting and fun.  I think that some of the rules are a bit over used or not strong enough such as the knock down/out of action results.


Definitely like Joe said above.  A game meant for another rules edition, but it did bring back the classic 6th style play.  The real fun was the ability to resort back to a Mordheim type of game play and move models individually of their unit making for a more free flowing game.

The real difference in the game was model count.  Luckilly as Skaven all of my troops are cheap; so much so that I even went the expensive route purcahsing Stormvermin.  The reason I went this route was under the assumptiont that Chuck would be fielding Chaos Dwarfs and I would need the WS 4 to have a chance at success.  The choice of Stormvermin is in the end what won me this mission.

I ended up using Hobgoblins as the Dwarfs were not only too expensive, but they also broke the rules of the scenario that we couldn't have models with an AS better than 5+.  I thought the Sharp Stuff throwing would give me a little extra power and in the beginning it did take a couple of guys down, but eventually Joe's WS4 S4 won out.

Game 2: Storm The Watchtower
(Siege Scenario)
Storm the Watchtower Scenario: General's Compendium

This game is basically a mini siege.  We didn't use any of the special siege equipment and I think that me being given more points than Chuck in this one really sealed him.  I pulled up a level 2 Warlock Engineer along with my Lightning Cannon and really just bombarded the tower until everything in it died.  I think that this again probably underscores the points disparity between 8th and 6th edition design philosophy.  with only 600 points I managed 40 Slaves, 30 Clan Rats, Warpfire Thrower, Warp Lightning Cannon and a Level 2 Warlock.  It was horrendous.  Chucks reinforcements came onto the table right beside my WLC which would've been my first instinct as well if I were him; but then I simply quick reformed and cast Scorch killing a big chunk of them.  The spell itself forces a panic test should you take a wound and as they were only Hobgoblins with no character nearby they ran right back off the table.

I think that the troops that get held in reserve are really meant to re-garrison the building when they come in.  They came in right next to Joe's Warp Lightning Cannon which I thought would be a good play, but it ended in disaster.  I should've came in behind the tower opposite Joe and just walked up to it to re-garrison after the last of the Dwarfs died.  Maybe this is a 6th edition issue as well, but the new reforming and shooting rules allow the attackers to counter the same turn reinforcements arrive, allowing them to shoot and cast magic at troops deployed behind them.  This lead me to a failed panic test which had me run off of the table with a full unit of 20 Gnoblars.  Well, what was left after the Scorch spell.

Game 3: Siege
(Siege Scenario: Blood in The Badlands)

We were really looking forward to a much better game at this point since we would have equally pointed armies now (2,000).  I went full tilt on War Machines and chose specifically not to take an Abomination since I knew he'd have Magma Cannons, plus with the Blood in The Badlands (BITB) rules I wanted more artillery so I could maybe breach a wall early and help myself win.  I brought a Siege Tower, Battering Ram, Siege Ammunition and Siege Clubs.  It turns out the only thing that was really useful was the Tower.  With the new rules it you can start within 8" of the castle and guess how far the Siege Tower can move in a single turn.  Yup, 8"!  So on turn 1 it was in contact and Stormvermin were running onto the walls.  This scenario didn't crap out so much on its own merit but more on dice luck.  Turn 1 I cast Cracks Call on the main wall of the castle which contained a unit of 20ish Chaos Dwarfs, a Level 4, a Rocket Launcher and Chuck's BSB.  We applied the rules as best we could between the BRB and the BITB and on the 5+ instead of blowing the wall up we counted it as breached but still applied the rest of the spell which killed about 15 Dwarfs including the Level 4 which we decided to let switch places with Chucks Level 1 so he could keep it.  The Rocket also died, but the BSB lived.  The other thing that happened from this was that Chuck's K'Daai Destroyer who was sitting behind the wall fell into the template and died as well.  Damn a 6 when you don't need it.

This was definitely a change from 6th edition when the attackers had to trudge across the battlefield for 2-3 turns before being able to attack the walls.  Charging turn 1 shut down my magic and shooting, and then having to take wounds at the beginning from starvation rolls hurt.  Then there was the Cracks Call destroying my Sorcerer, Death Shrieker, and K'daii Destroyer which completely neutered my front garrison at the gate house.  After this point and the Skaven breaching the north wall by turn 2 we were left with a ruined fortress and a winning Skaven force!  I would like to see what could be done if the luck hadn't gone so quickly in Joe's favor.

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