Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Waaagh Cast Cup! Season 2-Week 5 Newsletter

Good evening Blood Bowl Fans!

We get some exciting news this week with our most action packed newsletter yet.  Not only we're there numerous deaths this week but a bountiful basket of broken bones as well.  Not to mention the Waaagh Cast Cup now in its 2nd season has finally seen its first Zombification!  Congratulations goes out to the Hairstyle Hero's for killing and then Zombifying The Outer Gods Chaos Warrior Yog Sothoth Jr.  You can read about everything in this weeks newsletter!

Download the Waaagh Cast Courier Newsletter! : Week 5 Newsletter


Glen_Savet said...

2nd zombie! Lana Khain was mulched and zapped in week 3.

Joe Flesch said...

That one must've slipped past without me noticing. Oops... :)