Friday, October 26, 2012

Bretonnian Distraction - Rat Ogres

I've been sitting on these guys for ages and I finally got a reason to finish them up recently.  Namely that I hate painting Knights and I've been working on the Bretonnian's and I hate them.  You can see from the pictures that 7 of the 8 Ogres are all made from the Island of Blood models just with some variation in poses, pieces, etc...  I don't understand why GW didn't make some new plastic kits for these guys when they re-released all the other Skaven models, but who knows.  So these are them.  Hopefully you guys all think they look good.  The 1 Rat Ogre that isn't IoB is the bell ringer from the Screaming Bell with a flail I built him.  I dig it.

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