Sunday, July 29, 2012

ToTG: Joe F. - Flagellant's and Gryphon

So I drug out the white backs to get some pictures of things I've finished since its been quite a while.  I finally finished that unit of 24 Flagellants that I started on in June.  I haven't even started on my Knights for July which means they're getting pushed back but I did on the other hand finish a model that I hadn't intended to do in July which is my Lord on Gryphon.  I painted him with a Tiger style Gryphon since I've never been able to do anything decent looking out of yellow colors and magnetized him and his weapon arms so that I can swap him onto horses or equipment should I desire.  As with probably 95% of the army he is an old model which required me finding a way to really make him take up the new standard base size of a Gryphon.  Since he'll be on the ship part of the display board, using a mast made the most sense.  Hope you guys dig all this!

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