Sunday, July 22, 2012

Empire, Tiny Adjustments

So I've been plugging away on my Empire army and there are two tournaments coming up in August loacally.  The one we run in Bloomington which will be 1,600 and the one in Springfield by Capital City Games which I'm unsure of the size on.

That said my goal will be to have my full 1,600 pointer painted.  I mean August is the month were supposed to be at 2k for the Tale of Two Gamers so I should have it done anyway.  This month was rough though as we're nearly out of time and I know I wont finish my goal.  The 24 Flageallants are almost complete; in fact I simply need to add static grass and then Dull Coat them.  However my 8 Knights did not get there in time.

My goal for August will be to add large chunks to the army.  The teeeth of it.  My Steam Tank and probably the Gryphon Lord.  Although he's definitely sub-par in general but I still want to do him as a centerpiece of the army.

However I currently only have a little WIP shots of the Tank.

You can se here the progress.  The tank that was with the army when I originally took control of it was the original metal that was produced in 2001-02 when it was first released.  Not everyone knows, or remembers but then the Steam Tank actually had 3-4 variants.  You could mount a small hellblaster in it, a fighting platform (as seen above), a no roof version with a mortar and a completely enclosed one called a hammer.  Luckily for me Chris (the guy who had the army before me) had the platform still.  As such I've decided to use it.  I procured and used a plastic tank for a cleaner look but the platform definitely adds some serious pizzaz to the model.  I love it!  The models riding atop it are awesome too.  I can't wait to paint this bad boy up.

My plans for a 1,600 list currently are...

Captain - BSB
Wizard - Level 2
Wizard - Level 2
Warrior Priest
39 Spearmen - FC, Shields
8 Knights - Musician, Standard
24 Flageallants
Great Cannon
Steam Tank
Hellblaster Volley Gun

Very close to my 1,500 I played against Ryan in early July and I hope to have even better results with this one as it definitely has a bit more fight given by the Tank and BSB.  I'm looking very forward to it.  When I start getting some more painting done I'll start throwing up some new pictures.

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