Thursday, May 3, 2012

Empire; The Stripping Goes On...

So I'm nowhere near done stripping these damned models...  I've got the 9 Knights Panther done, and 10 of the Flagellants.  I haven't touched the Pistoliers or Volley Guns and hoenstly I'm not sure I'm actually going to strip the Pistoliers.  After much discussion and thought I believe they are probably a big waste of 100 points that would be better spent on a wizard or a cannon.  One of the big things about this army that I'm slowly re-building is the fact that they are all older edition models and I refuse to mix with newer.

That said if you ever have to strip any of these in-particular models above do yourself a favor and don't.  The way that the hair/fur is made with all the little squiggles and folds is enough to make you want to quit the hobby for good.  Seriously...  I've been using one of my dental picks for greenstuff work to get the paint out of the crevices.  It sucks.  I'm sure that in the end It will make me insanley happy to look at the army as a whole though.

Which brings up another point.  Since I refused to strip the Handgunners and Spearmen they are painted to a far below average standard for my skill.  I'm not sure if I should intentionally paint these guys to a lower standard or just do my usual work level on them and hope that nobody notices the block of 40 Spears or the 14 Handgunners that looks so much worse.  I guess I could go through them and highlight a bit, but dammit I don't want to!  Thoughts from the peanut gallery on this are welcome.  :)

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