Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Beat Goes On...

So I finished stripping all of the models that were fit to be stripped today.  With the excitement of that I really poured myself into finishing some other stuff for the upcoming 500 point game with Ryan.  I completed the improvement of the Handgunners and 1 of the Cannon Crews as well as completed a Great Cannon and a Hellblaster Volley Gun.

Having finally gotten some more movement on the models I'm really excited to get to playing them.  Before Ryan and I play our 500 point game next week I would really love to get that chunk completed...  That list is:

Warrior Priest
-Sword of Striking, Heavy Armor, Shield
25 Spearmen
-Shield, Standard, Musician
14 Handgunners
1 Great Cannon

The love of this little list means that I only have to get together a Warrior Priest.  Sadly I am currently without a model to use for one.  I have a Witch Hunter that I'm considering proxying as a Priest as I don't likely plan on using the Hunter himself, but if I can scrounge $15 bucks I may go acquire one sometime soon.

Also at some point I really will have to work on getting the white box back out for some decent pictures where you can actually see the models since all the pictures I've showed thus far have been pretty poor being that I've been using my camera phone.  Still we do what we do.

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