Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ryan G: Tale of Joe and Ryan?

Joe has asked me to help keep him motivated for the hobby again, and I have readily agreed. I have plenty of Ogre stuff to keep me busy, and he will in turn keep me motivated to get it done also. Most of my base army is already painted due to the previous Tale of Four Gamers blogs, so most of what I will be painting will not be used until I get to the 1500 point range. Currently I am still working on my BSB so that I will have him done for the Blood in the Sun tourny in June.

Since Games Workshop does not currently produce a Ogre BSB model, I am converting a Hunter model that I had lying around. This is a very rough picture, and I promise it will look much better once I am done.  As far as my 500 point army goes for this month I decided to keep it simple.

5 bulls
5 bulls
1 sabertusk

I have yet to really use the Ogres in a high point game, and I am looking forward to getting more of it done so I am able to.

Ryan G.

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