Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ryan G: The BSB is Done, Man!

Finished up my BSB this week, so I thought I would through up some picks.

I think he turned out rather well, and I am quite please with him. I originally thought I was adding too much of the grey on him, but I like it. I am terrible at free hand work, so the banners are kinda blah, but I prefer that over looking awful. The varnish dull coat did put a white film on small parts of him, but I think I have figured out what is causing it, and will try to fix it for the next batch of guys.
Up next are my Mournfang. I am planning on using four of them so that should be my next painting post. I'll hopefully get a game in with Joe next week and have a bit more to say for this topic.

Take care all,
Ryan G

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