Monday, April 30, 2012

Extra-Life Fundraiser!

So this event isn't even until October and the organization and fundraising has already begun!


Extra Life started as an effort by video-gamers to raise money for kids.  The charity organization raises money specifically for children's hospitals across the world and each participant gets to choose where there money goes.  Over the last couple years (although the site still says video games) it has really incorporated gaming of all sorts, Warhammer included.  Most people have no reason to feel attached to giving other than the human willingness to share in hopes to better those who need the help.

Many people however including myself have stories of those in our lives who have been helped by the wonderful people and facilities available at the children's hospitals included in the network.  My nephew was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma a few years ago.  He spent a crazy amount of time in and out of the hospital receiving chemotherapy and medicine as well as the years of check-ups that are to follow it and ensure that the remission sticks.  Thankfully it was caught early and he is fine today, but just as important as the treatment was the fact that we have a great children's hospital here in our hometown of Springfield, IL.  St. Johns Children's Hospital.

If this is something your even remotely interested in you should definitely check it out.  You can organize whole teams of people.  This year I've joined Team Cranky which is a grouping thus far of Warhmmer Players and Podcasters.  I'm proud to try and do my part to help heal kids.

If you'd like to support me please follow the link below:
Support Joe Flesch and Extra Life

We'll talk more about Extra Life as the months continue and we hopefully get some more organization and perhaps set up some kind of event to participate in for the gaming.  So keep an eye out on the Twitter and the Blog and we hope that you choose to participate in your own way, be it donating or gaming yourself.

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