Sunday, April 1, 2012

We're Coming Back!

After a whopping 8 months off I couldn't hold it out any longer.  My fickle nature go the best of me and I decided that, we're coming back!  I just couldn't stand it.  It seems like when we shut the show down there were a glut of other podcasts, then inexplicably like we were the lynch-pin we shut down and so did like 5 others!  Just dropped out off the face of the planet either not recording or slimming their schedules down to like 1 show in 3-4 month periods.  Crazy.

The fact is I decided that I'm just too opinionated to not have my thoughts out there and since I hate trolling forums its easier just to start the show back up.  The first episode (take two) should be out in the next couple of days, it will just be me as I'll have to get some new equipment for Chuck since I sold all our old stuff but saved a single microphone which is what I'll be using.

Thanks to all those who've e-mailed me their support when we closed down and between then and now for following the blog and our Twitter feeds.

Listen soon!!!!!

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