Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joe F. ToFG: Feb. 2,500 Points (Home Stretch)

So we're in the home stretch now for our Tale of Four Gamers set of articles.  Unfortunately Dave and Ryan have both re-started their college coursework and due to the load have both fallen behind to the point of knowing they will not finish their goals.

That however doesn't mean Chuck and I are down.  We're still pounding away at it all just getting in the time when we can.  In fact, since February is the last month of work on our 2,500 point armies and I saved all of my big toys until the very end of this shindig I don't have a lot left to paint.  For February I only have to paint 2 things.  Mind you one is huge and a multi-part model (the Plague Furnace).

Its going to be a long rough plod through this piece as intricate as it is, but luckily it can be painted before assembly which with these large fancy models is a must.  I did the same thing with my Warp Lightning Cannon's so that even though you don't see much of the underside I know in my own head that it is as nice as the rest of the model.

All this said, here is my list for the month of February and the concluding 2,500 points of my Skaven army that I've been working on for the last 5 months.

Chieftan - BSB
Warlock Engineer
Warlock Engineer
Plague Priest - Plague Furnace

40 Slaves - Shields, Musician
35 Clanrats - Shields, FC
30 Stormvermin - Shields, FC, Doomflayer
3x6 Giant Rats

30 Plague Monks - FC
2x5 Gutter Runners - Poison, Slings

2 Warp Lightning Cannons
Hellpit Abomination

This of course isn't 2,500 points on its own.  I've left all the magical equipment/banners, etc... off of the list to fill in as that leaves me a lot of options on how to run things but you get the point.  I've achieved a lot of stuff throughout the building of this army and am proud of myself for not only sticking to my goals but knowing that I will complete them.

March will see posts on the construction of my Display Board and painting of my movement trays and I'll have the whole shebang with me at Adepticon (even though I'm only using the Skaven in a 1k tournament).  So that's it.  Thanks for reading and keep your eyes on the blog as I'll still be putting things up.  Starting in May I'll probably be working on my long awaited Empire army.


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