Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chuck ToFG: 2k Battle Report

Turn 1 after my move, he has slaves, doomwheel, slaves, PlaugeFurnace, clanrats and move slats.  2 Cannons in the back

After first turn the Bulls went through his horde of clanrats, and we called it at turn 3
This was a continuous fight as the kitty cats stare down the rats, they just want to play!
Well we finally won one after being dry the last 3 games.  Played battle-line and used adepticon type lists.  I had the misfortune of having his storm-banner on me for the first 2 rounds of the game though enough firepower to destroy his Plague Furnace on turn 2.  My Ogre bulls charged his clanrats turn 2 because he moved very close allowing me to charge, break them, and run through.  The sabre-tusks held up units where they needed to and other units delayed what i needed.  I think that after he played Ogres for the first time he would be better the second shooting and getting rid of the cats first and focusing both Laser Cannons on the big block of Ogre Bulls.  His Storm-banner didn't allow him to fire one turn also so thats a gamble.

Next month I will have 2500pts battle reports ready from our Local games store in Springfield during their tournament.  Hard to decide a list too.

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