Friday, September 30, 2011

Tale of Four Gamers: Introductions #3

Dave Dickey:
I have been in and out of the hobby since I was in junior high (like 13 years). Mostly a 40k player, but have always had some fantasy. I got into fantasy with Mordhiem actually. The feel of it was so interesting, this dirty burnt out city abandoned and now scavenged by criminals and cults. Tell me it’s not sweet! From there I got lucky and got a huge VC army off eBay for cheap. The problem was it was all over the place. I never got much more for it so my interest waned. A while after ogre kingdoms came out I quit (the first release of course) and I had got a bunch of them and a few beastmen. All the ogres got kilts (with my family tartan) and I put together some of the beastmen. After a few games and one tourney I got too busy and everything began to gather dust. Also moved back to my home area dusted off my 40k, made a table in my basement (gray/black) for cities of death. With this I hope to get back into fantasy as well. So I picked beastmen. I know what you are thinking “No one plays them, and they bad!” They have always been a bit over looked. That is where the allure is for me. To go a road less traveled. While I am in this I will also be working on Blood Angels and terrain for my board, so I might throw in some pictures of those.

October List:
Bray Shaman – General, Level 2, Gnarled Hide
10 Warhounds
15 Gors – Full Command, Extra Hand Weapons
5 Centigors – Full Command, Throwing Axes
500 Points

I plan on using the Centigors and Warhounds to be the quick flankers, trying to hit any ranged weapons they may have; or hitting the flank of any block the Gors engage. Depending on what the Shaman gets for spells he will be in with the Gors most of the time to buff them with augments. I plan to use Lore of Beasts so if he gets the bolt thrower magic missile I might have him run around on his own with screen from the hounds.  At 500 points its hard to get any more complex with this list.  Also doesn’t help that I haven’t played 8th edition or the newest Beastman book since it was released.

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