Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Core Competency 2011 Coverages

So Core Competency 2011 has come and gone and with it plenty of little bits of coverage.  As I don't produce a full featured show anymore you can't expect a ton from me; but I did do some video recording and audio while I was there and here it is collected.  Any pictures I took you can find on the Twitter account, although I've taken the two best pictures and put them int his post with everything else.  So I hope you enjoy what I've got here for you.

The first picture here is Joe Rodgers 3 Treeman eating my unit of Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons and Shields.  They died in a bloody heap, along with most of the rest of my army.  I threw everything I could and as you can see by the wound counters I did some damage; but nay it wasn't enough.

This second picture is of the Best Appearance winner Brian McMillan's Orcs & Goblins Army.  Azhag The Slaughterer which he's using as a Black Orc Warlord and I found to be just so beautifully painted I had to take a picture.  It was a wondeful paint job on a model that costs so much I wouldn't buy it just on the basis that I couldn't do it justice in the painting.

Below here are the two video's which are compilations of many clips I took on my Flip camera throughout the weekend.  Pieces of Battle Reports, some talk with other people and a recording of the Awards being handed out.  Enjoy.

Finally we come to the audio recordings that I compiled over the weekend.  After having sold my equipment I found a great recording program for my iPhone that enables me to jack in a 1/4 3.55mm Microphone into the iPhone and honestly it records almost as well as a XLR Microphone does professionally.  Being thus impressed I decided to use this set up and then promptly forgot the Microphone at home so there is a fair chunk of background noise throughout there recordings as the input was just the phone itself.  Still, it didn't turn out too bad and I hope you all enjoy listening to it.  Please let me know if you enjoyed this type of coverage and anything you'd like to see change a bit in the future!  Thanks again!

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Core Competency 2011 Episode

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Really liked the videos, great stuff Joe.