Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tale of Four Gamers: Introductions #2

Ryan Goleman:
My name is Ryan, and I’ve agreed to join Joe in his Tale of Gamers.  I’ve been playing in the hobby for 15+ years with breaks here and there; but most of my Fantasy experience was in 7th edition and I’ve been enjoying 8th a lot so far.  My favorite army has and always will be Lizardmen, but I’ve decided to update my Ogre Kingdoms for 8th so that I can have two armies to play.  Beside, at least one of us had to jump on the Ogre bandwagon, right?  Plus the 500 points a month shouldn’t be hard for me to pull off because of the armies small model count.

OctOgre List:
Bruiser – General, Irontfist, Heavy Armor, Sword of Striking, Dragonhelm
6 Ogres – Full Command, Ironfists, Lookout Gnoblar
3 Leadbelchers – Bellower, Champion
495 Points

To start, I’m not the best painter but not the worst.  That said, I am a firm believe that if you can’t paint the best, paint different so my Ogres are going to be a ‘lost tribe’ with an African Plaines type theme.  I’ve personally never done this before and I thought it would give me an opportunity for neat conversions.  The strategy behind the army is pretty straight forward.  Put the Bruiser in the Ogres and smash my opponents face.  The Leadbelchers are there to ‘hopefully’ handle small quicker things that the Ogres can’t get to grips with.  I have forgone magic at this point level as I don’t feel it will be a game breaker and the Ogres are good at closing ground quickly.  I’m looking forward to this project and hopefully I can make it to Adepticon and show off my hard work.

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