Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Waaagh Cast Cup! Season 2

The Waaagh Cast Cup! Season 2 has officially begun!!!!!

Watch here for updates every week as I publish our newsletter to keep everyone abreast of the goings on and you can follow the games and root for your favorite teams!

This weeks games are as follows:

Division 1
Danger Zone vs. Bogenhafen Bell Ringers
Hairsstyle Hero's vs. The Snowflakes
Skurvy Scavengers vs. The Outer Gods

Division 2
The Northern Knuckleheads vs. Hellpitsburgh Steelers
The Kalima Killers vs. Cranky's Crazy Clansmen
Da Bone Breaka's vs. Skavenblight Wolf Rats

I hope everyone digs it!  Now go crush some heads boys!

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