Sunday, September 9, 2012

ToTG: Joe F. 2,500 Point End

Okay, so for those who've been keeping up the goal was to basically put together a 2,500 point army of Empire in a 5 month period.  We started in June and while technically I don't have every unit or model I want I have managed the 2,500 point list.  Actually I can throw just a bit over that but I'm still missing the unit of 25 Greatswords that I'd planned on doing for the army.  However, yet another army has come up!  I am putting together a Bretonnian Force for the Adepticon 2013 WHFB Team Tournament.  I'll be going with my friend Ryan who has been helping me all these months and we'll be teaming with his African Ogres so I'll be doing a Crusades of Araby paint scheme.

Still that isn't what this post is about.  This post is a recap of the Stirland River Patrol army that is now basically done.  One day I may finish that Greatsword unit, but not until my Bretonnian force is complete for the TT.  So in the end here's what I have!

General of the Empire on Gryphon
2 Wizards
Engineer with Hochland Long Rifle
Witch Hunter
Warrior Priest on Warhorse

40 Spearmen with Shields and Full Command
14 Handgunners
9 Knights with Full Command

24 Flagellants
2 Great Cannon

2 Hellblaster Volley Gun
Steam Tank

I at one point slapped this together for a tournament that was hosting a terrain contest too, but I painted in the Stirland colors so it really does go with the army.

Display Board:
The faltered part.  The Display Board has yet to be completed and as this army isn't in the pipeline for a big tournament it will end up waiting until the Bretonnian project completes.

There it is folks.  Hopefully I've given you something to look at.  By far my favorite thing about this army is all the classic models.  Those Knights are great, the old War Machines I think look superior to the new stuff and other than the current size difference between the two I still like the old Gryphon a lot.  To really wrap this army up I will be playing the 2,500 point game tomorrow night with Ryan G. so expect to see a report on that in the next day or two.

Thanks for reading!

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