Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Waaagh Cast Cup! Season 2!!!

Well folks, the time has come!

Are you ready for some BLOOD BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcing Season 2 of The Waaagh Cast Cup! on-line Blood Bowl League!

We are now officially taking sign-ups for Season 2 which makes us super happy!  We're not playing favorites either.  While we really appreciate everybody who participated in Season 1 this is totally a first come, first serve deal.  We are accepting 11 teams for Season 2.  (12 Counting my own)

The League will be divided into two divisions of 6 teams, with each team playing everyone in their division twice.  This will result in a minimum number of 10 games per team.  At the end of the 10 weeks the top 2 teams from each division will play for their ticket to the finals where the top team from each division will play for the overall cup.  It’s very exciting.  Each game will consist of 16, 4 minute turns with no overtime.

Participation in the League will require a few things on your part.  We play every week for 10 weeks straight and expect you to make your absolute best effort to do so.  You need to contact your opponent through e-mail and schedule your game.  I should be carbon copied on all correspondence so that if a player makes an attempt to contact for a game and is not responded to by their opponent I can give a due forfeit.  Also, players must talk amongst each other to pick one of them to write up a small article going over the games that they play.  The purpose of this is that I will be releasing a weekly newsletter just like in season 1.  The Weeks will start on Monday and run through Sunday.

Even more exciting is that according to Cyanide Studio, the Chaos Edition of the game will be entirely compatible with the Legendary Edition.  You must own at least Legendary Edition to participate in the League.  If the League is entirely setup before release of the Chaos Edition (supposed to be this month) we will roll on without the expansion.  Should it release however please know that while we are aware a lot of people may like to play some of the teams from the Chaos Edition such as the Underworld Pact or the Demons the only team we will be allowing into the League from this version of the game is the Chaos Dwarfs.  The reason for this is that we are attempting to stay equivalent to the actual tabletop which contains no Demon team and Underworld Pact is not part of the actual rules but a N.A.F. addition.

Anyone wishing to enter the league must choose one of the following two options.
A: Build a brand new team and enter into the league.
B: If you played in a previous season of the league (we know, small number as we've only ran one season) you may bring in a previously participating team.  The only restriction here is that a previous team must have a team value of no more than 1500.  If your team is above this number you must make cuts to bring it under that value before signing up.

That's it everybody!  I'm looking really forward to Season 2 and a ton of fun!

To sign-up please send e-mail to: waaagh.cast.jf@gmail.com with the Subject Line: Bloodbowl Season 2 Sign-up!  The body of the e-mail must contain your first and last real name.  After I have all 12 players a form letter will be sent out with instructions on how to get into the league.

Thanks a lot and I'll see you all on the pitch!

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