Monday, September 3, 2012

The Stirland Update...

So you can tell from looking at the dates between this post and the last (almost 20 days) I've been hitting a small wall.  Still, I've been slowly plugging away on things and I've managed to get something together to show for it tonight.

I've completed my unit of Knights Panther.  Nine guys with Full Command.  Also an ad-hoc Warrior Priest on Warhorse out of some stuff I had in the bitz box.  Finally an old school Mortar and Crew.  I hate the fact that the Knights don't line up perfectly on the movement tray because they just weren't made to fit right it seems.  Big pelts on their backs, as well as all the feet that basically bump into eachother.  I even made the tray larger than standard on purpose to give a little extra room and it seems like it just isn't enough.

Excitedly I have played the army in a small 1,600 point tournament since my last post.  I performed amiably winning 2 of 3 games.  Win against High Elves and Skaven but unsurprisingly yet another loss to Ogre Kingdoms.  Still, I'm happy that the army seems able to perform.  I'm also still completely undecided on what Lores to use in magic.  I had built the army with intent of Shadow, but ran only Fire in that tournament and did well.  I've also used Metal with some decent results.  Nothing says love like Spearmen with a 3+ armor save.

Anyway, I am now left with very little to paint before pretty much finishing the army up.  I have a unit of 21 Greatswords with a 4 man Unit Filler in it.  A War Machine Crew (I'll have 4 crews and 5 machines oddly) and an Engineer with Repeater Handgun.  I imagine the Crew and Engineer will be done quite soon, like a week soon.  The Greatswords however require a TON more work.  They all have to have their tabs cut off and then get pinned into the wooden bases I'm using for the ship.  After all that I still have to build a display board.  Sigh....  Back to the grindstone.

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Cpjiardina said...

they look good! Very clean.