Saturday, June 2, 2012

ToTG: Ryan G. Ogres vs. Empire 1k

Alright, June is here and I need to get 1000 points together. This month I have been working on some Mournfang and they are progressing nicely. My list is as follows:

8 Bulls
8 Bulls
2 Mournfang

My gaming plan again is to just run forward and see what these guys can do. The Mournfang and Sabertusk's will hopefully get to his warmachines in a timely mannor, and the 2 units of bulls will clean up his hand to hand units.

My painting plan this month is again the Mournfang. I needs to get 4 done by the end of the month because I am attending the Blood in the Sun 2400 point tournament, and I sent in my list including all four. The way I see this going, is getting 2 posted up to the blog this month, then the other 2 will be finished just in time for BitS, so they will not make the blog until July.

Take care all,

Ryan G.

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