Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chuck ToFG: Ogre Characters

Top Banner view,
the wood is from the building kits
Front Face View

After shifting my Battlemaster BSB into my Maneaters, partially because he matches the other 2 I painted, I had to do a new BSB.  IJ ended up taking the Ogre from the Ironblaster kit and making him into my new BSB.  He is leaning back on a hard plaster moulded base with a little styrofoam mound on top of that.  The Pole is not yet finsihed so its kinda of a work in progress image.  But its lots of plasticard and alot of ogre bits spewed out!  He is large and in charge!
Rear end!

Reaper Ogre Ma
This is my new caster.  Not an official GW model but I threw some bits on her like a new arm and new supplies on her pelt.  The staff is painted similar to an ember so that she could be treated as a fire mage.

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