Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chuck ToFG: December 1,500 pts.

1500pts Orgre Rock Guts Tribe

The list for December is as follows:

Ogre level 3 SlaughterMaster Iron Fist
Bruiser BSB, Heavy Armor, Iron Fist
6 Ogres +HW, Standard, Musician, Champion, Look Out Gnoblar
6 Ogres IF, LA, Standard, Musician
5 IronGuts Standard, Musician
1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk
3 Mournfang Cav., LA, Iron Fist,  Musician

I added the wizard and a smaller unit of Ironguts.  I feel that at 1500pts the threat of magic dealing more damage is more real.  I need everything magic wise to help balance out against other races that trump the magic phase like HE, Lizards, and DE.  I have tried and thought about the Maneaters and come to conclusion that having them in a group of 3 scouting would be the best threat to an enemies flank.  So at 2,000 pts. I see myself probably taking them and making the wizard a level 4.  I'm not sure what I'll do with the leftover points after that though.


Ryang19 said...

A lord at 1500?! I'm giving you a 0 for comp! :)

Cpjiardina said...

No dispel scroll though>!? He has no save and could die in combat. I hear ya though. I tried 60 gnoblars and they tied up a flank in a bigger game friday night. The sniper maneaters stink. Going back to cheap scout/ItP I think and bulls need to be 8, 4x2 in order to hold for multiple combats.

Got any gnoblars you don't want? bring-em