Saturday, January 7, 2012

Joe F. ToFG: 2,000pts.

Okay, so we all know that December was terribly lackluster in terms of our games/painting/hobby went.  I finished some small things but not a single one of us managed to complete our goal for last month and even worse I think we only really got 2 games in between all 4 of us that we wrote reports for.

Still with all that we are in January now and technically at our 2,000 point level.  I'm about 10 models shy of completing my Stormvermin unit, and in liu of not having time and deciding that I'll probably never use them otherwise I've begun using my 2 completed Rat Ogre as unit fillers to buff the Clanrats up to 35.  Convenient I know.

The best thing about 2,000 points is that I don't have to add much.  This month will see me hapilly adding only 2 models tot he army.  A Greyseer (who I actually painted last month for a tournament) and an Abomination which I have assembled but still need to green stuff some of the line work on and paint.  Give the Abomination Warpstone Spikes and that's 490 points of my 500 points for the month.  Excellent choices!

Keep tuned, I'll do my best to get some stuff posted soon!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work gents. It is nice to catch up on what you guys are doing.

Anyone bringing their 2k to paca at the end of the month?


Joe Flesch said...

Unfortunately none of us are hitting WaaaghPaca this year. I wanted to; but monetarily it was not in the cards.