Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chuck ToFG: To Blast that Scrap!

After many debates and thoughts I actually picked up the IB/SL kit at the december tournament in Springfield, IL.  I have ravaged the forums for info, tips and tricks.  Waited until the FAQ came out and neutered my poor Ironblaster....sigh.  However, I want to take a different approach then my dear and very admired friend / fellow ToFG gamer Ryan.  So I have chosen to go the route of Ironblaster.  I have even used it in one game, proxied of course, to try and gauge how well it will work.

Found a couple bits to convert it with since I like conversions: 
ebayed so I can use different wheels
ebaying also to use wheels and pistons from the STANK.  I won't be using the small cannon lol

In my first game versus Bretonnians using the Ironblaster we only did 3 turns, however in those turns I did manage to kill 5 knights and a trebuchet.  I will say the reroll ability to ensure maximum distance is a big plus.  We will be testing it out before adding it to the January lists.  Additionally bits for the Blaster won't be in until christmas so while I have the Kit assembled in pieces I won't be posting anything until its together.

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