Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy Paintbrush Batman!

So I've been painting.  A lot.  Unfortunatly not my Skaven.  Well, at least not much of my Skaven.  I've managed to finsih my Warpfire Thrower and Greyseer.  I've also finished a chunk of my Warhammer Quest set.  So, since I said earlier this week that there would be pictures coming, here they are.  Enjoy and as usual you click for a much larger picture.

Oh and before someone says something snarky about the color scheme of the Mino's remember I'm painting them in the mid 90's style.  Yes that means garishly bright colors, but I figured I'd go for the nostalgia.

Greyseer converted form the Island of Blood Master Moulder with Shock Prod
Warpfire Thrower from the Island of Blood, with added cinematic flame.
Minotaur from WHQ
Bats from WHQ
Spiders from WHQ
Snotlings from WHQ

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