Monday, March 11, 2013

Old School Campaigning

One of the things I've always wanted to do more of with Warhammer is campaign play, and by that I don't mean Mighty Empires land conquest type of campaigning.  What I find far more fun and entertaining is story driven campaigning.  If you follow my blog you'll have gotten at least a taste of what I'm talking about in October 2012 when Chuck and I got together and played a small Tree Campaign from the Generals compendium.  If you haven't read that piece yet please do: Mini Campaign.

In general GW used to create a lot of material for the campaign player in this instance and I've dragged up quite a bit of it from back in the day.  The most recent things that GW has done are things like The Nemesis Crown and Blood in the Badlands which really fall short of the glory days of things like Dark Shadows and Storm of Chaos.  However I was still looking for ever more interesting things and to that extent I delved further back to the mid and late 90's.  GW had at one point produced 5 box set mini campaigns.  Each box came with a nice book full of background information as well as the storyline and scenario's to accompany it.  There were special rules for selecting your armies and using special characters associated with it and even some card-stock terrain that came in them.  The only thing that these boxes fell short on was that there were no miniatures included.  That doesn't mean miniatures weren't made for them as you can find many classic GW models that look extremely alike the artwork provided in the books.

The campaigns were going to be taking a look at are:
The Grudge of Drong (Dwarfs vs. High Elves)
The Idol of Gork (Orcs & Goblins vs. Empire)
The Circle of Blood (Undead vs. Bretonnia)
The Perilous Quest (Bretonnia vs. Wood Elves)
The Tears of Isha (High Elves vs. Dark Elves)

The boxes while originally priced around $20 USD are now so long out of print and difficult to find that they average $40USD as a general starting point on eBay.  The card-stock buildings are card-stock so it isn't like your getting super high quality terrain out of the boxes and the army lists are old which means many newer choices don't exist to use within the rules provided.  The most exceptional demonstration of this is in The Circle of Blood.  The campaign was written before the separation of the Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts from the Undead range and so you have The Red Duke (A Vampire Lord) leading an army using Screaming Skull Catapults.  To work that into 8th edition will probably be rather difficult, but it’s hard to say as I don't actually have this campaign and thus haven't given it a read through.

The two that I have managed to get physical copies of are The Grudge of Drong and The Idol of Gork.  Luckily between Chuck, Ryan and me we have the armies to run these campaigns and so you can most assuredly look forward to seeing some articles in a few months on these particular boxes.  While tempted to disassemble the books and make high quality .pdf scans of them so that they can be preserved I also hesitate to take them apart for fear of possibly destroying them.  I have yet to find a complete copy of the other 3 campaigns.  There are a number of eBay posts selling only the books but the books did not have the army liste selections or Special Character information on them; they were a seperate component from the books themselves.

So excitedly as we prepare for Adepticon I can only say that this will not occur until after then; but with my anticipation I will begin priming you all with articles for The Grudge of Drong which Ryan and I will be playing after the convention.  I will be fielding the Dwarfs and Ryan the High Elves and we look quite forward to having a lot of fun running the campaign, so keep your eyes on the Blog.

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