Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Warhammer Regiment of Renown

The names of many Regiments of Renown have gone down in the history of the Old World- The Alcatani Fellowship, Ruglud's Armoured Orcs, The Birdmen of Catrazza, Bugman's Rangers and Voland's Venators to name but a few. Each of these regiments began as a small company of heroes, determined to carve out a name for themselves and leave behind them a legacy of noble deeds, inspiring acts and incredible tales.

So this was announced by Games Workshop today as a special event that they will be holding at Warhammer World in the UK.  Thankfully they also posted the rules .pdf online for international readers to download and peruse which I think everyone should.  It's available on their website and the link to the .pdf specifically is right here: Warhammer Regiment of Renown

Its great to see something like this coming from GW.  It harkens back to a day when GW made smaller games and rule sets simply for the fun of it and more specifically for free.  Ah, many a hobbyist remembers the days when they hosted many fantastic hobby articles on their website.

While the immediate thoughts of any hobbyist whose been into Warhammer since the 90's the first thing you think of when reading the italicized flavor text above is "Dogs of War!" but that is incorrect.  This really seems to be more of an amalgamation of both the old Warhammer Skrirmish rules mixed with a bit of Mordheim.  You basically build a small contingent of warriors from an army between 3-20 models under 100 points.  You get to upgrade some of them and work with equipment of each model individually.  Ever model is its own unit and one guy gets to be upgraded to a 'leader' allowing him the only access to magic items.

When you win games your leader can gain properly heroic traits such as stat increases, etc...  All in all the rules looks pretty neat and I'm looking forward to getting a game or two of it in with some friends sooner rather than later.  I recommend we all do because nothing excites us as much as new rules.

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