Thursday, January 23, 2014

Triumph & Treachery Battle Report!

Triumph & Treachery!
We were so excited to get around to playing this finally.  I'm going to start by quickly going over the players and our lists and some other basic information before I get into the battle report proper.  The lists are not going to have all the equipment or exact numbers and everything listed as I don't have copies of everyone else’s lists, but you'll get the idea.

Players and Lists:

Joe - Empire with Dwarf Mercenaries
Warrior Priest on Horse
Level 2 Light Wizard
20 Spearmen with Standard, Musician, Shields
9 Inner Circle Knights with Full Command and Standard of Discipline
Great Cannon
24 Flagellants

Dwarf Thane
10 Quarrelers with Great Weapons

Ryan - Lizardmen with High Elf Mercenaries
Scar-vet on Cold One
30ish Saurus
2x6 Chameleon Skinks
1 Salamander

High Elf Noble on Horse
Tiranoc Chariot

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Episode #72: Warhammer Battlefields: Border Wars Pt. 3

Hello everyone!

A little later then usual, I aim to have the shows out so you can download them on the first Tuesday of the month in the morning so I usually upload them Monday night for me, but I've been sick recently.  Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and thanks for joining us to wrap up the iOS Campaign games.

Hope that you all enjoy the show!

Download the show driectly from this link: Episode #72
Run Time: 1 Hour 7 Minutes 49 Seconds

Friday, January 3, 2014

Setting Goals

New Year’s Resolution - Organize!

So with the New Year and my new year’s resolutions set I have to get ready to start doing them.  Last year I took a willy nilly approach, never really concentrating on doing specific things, and certainly not doing them in any discernable order.  This year to help me achieve my goals I'm going to prioritize and set the goals into specific orders.  First off, let's take a look at my goals and let me make a snap judgment on whether or not they will get finished.

1. Buy No More Than 5 New Board Games
I think in 2013 I bought in the realm of 10 new games.  I think I should be able to stick to 5.
2. Participate in X-Wing League or Run Season 3 of Waaagh Cast Cup Blood Bowl League
I'm uncertain this will work.  Running the BBowl league is a lot of work and the local X-Wing
3. Play 4 Supplemental Rules Games
This one I can feel as practically done already.
4. Complete the Skaven
Totally doable
5. Paint 1,000 Points of Orcs & Goblins
Also completely doable
6. Attend Minimum 5 Local Events
Again! Completely achievable goal here.  Especially with me nixing out all out of town GT's except for BITS.
7. Top 10 Finish
This is a crapshoot.  With BITS being a 100 player tournament this year and me never scoring super well in tournaments I'm going to somehow have to take a hard army that doesn't make people hate it, play it well, somehow improve my sportsmanship scores (although I don't think I'm a bad guy I always perform low/middle in this category) and then I have to manage to get decent paint scores.  Not impossible, but I don't feel it is super likely.
8. Assemble 5 Tables of Terrain
Another uncertainty.  Last year I managed to assemble enough terrain to cover 2 tables, but none of that is painted still.  To paint and assemble not only those, but another 3 I think will be rough.
9. Run the Tournament
Dependant on the previous goal.  If I can actually get the stuff together this is totally achievable, but without the terrain clearly a failure.
10. Lose Weight
I have to get back to running and working on this.  Starting on new years day I began tracking my calories again with a resounding punch as I went a bout 1000 calories over that day.  As of the writing of this article I'm standing fast at my calorie goals the last couple of days.  Getting back to running is a bit more difficult.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, Same Ole’ Shite

So 2013 is in the books and done and with it much has occurred in the realm of Warhammer.  The game is into its late stages of 8th edition (or at least we assume since 9th should be due this summer). All but 5 books remain to be done to bring them into line.  Multiple expansions or additions have been given to us in the forms of campaigns, additional rules, iOS packets, etc...  Tournaments have been won and lost, much money has been spent and many dreams have both been realized and collapsed.  In the space of a year I have painted and sold an army and played a boatload of games and per my usual I have kept track!  So let's knock back some statistics shall we.

I keep track of the number of miniature games I play every year, assuming that if I get in at least 52 games a year (1 per week) then I have justified the cost of my hobby to myself.  Honestly I ought to be getting 2 games in a week to really justify it but let's keep it realistic here, I mean; I am married and have 2 kids.  2 games a week isn't likely to happen.

So let's get started.
I have played 63 games this year.  A fair abundance of these have of course been tournament games and I've used a number of different armies this year throughout it.  Let’s examine some numbers.